Market Good in 2019 for Hacienda

PLEASANTON, Calif. — Hacienda saw another year of strong activity in 2019. While vacancy for the end of the year rose slightly year over year at the end of the fourth quarter, continued signs of interest and investment in the development were present throughout 2019. Over 300,00 square feet of buildings attracted new ownership, and many of these projects also became the locations of significant work performed in preparation for new tenants who either occupied spaces in 2019 or have planned occupancy in 2020.

“Hacienda was the site of nearly 500,000 square feet of activity in 2019. Everything from small offices to larger facilities of over 125,000 square feet were a part of last year’s profile” notes James Paxson, Hacienda’s general manager. “Tenants arriving or growing at Hacienda covered a wide range of industries including: health care, robotics, finance, education, medical diagnostics, professional services, manufacturing and more. We are encouraged by continued signs of economic strength that bode well for the coming year.”

Major transactions in 2019 were seen by companies in a variety of business segments. Tenant transactions include: ServiceMax (Business Services), Omron Robotics & Safety Technologies, Inc. (Robotics), Venture X (Workspace), Hensel Phelps (Construction), Ritchie Brothers / Iron Planet (Construction Equipment Sales), and No. CA District Council of Laborers (Labor).

The following overview will provide you with information on the most recent Hacienda activity pertaining to occupancy, tenants, sales and regional data of interest. Please also refer to selections found under the Project Overview section of our web site for related information.

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About Hacienda
Hacienda is the largest development of its kind in Northern California. Over 10 million square feet of existing, mixed-use space is occupied by nearly 700 companies that locally employ approximately 19,000 people. Hacienda’s businesses represent the best and the brightest of contemporary corporate America and provide the home to everything from small offices to regional centers to large campuses for company headquarters. In addition, Hacienda also features homes to some 5,800 residents. Residential developments also provide a full spectrum of choices from stylish rental units to single family detached homes.

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