Market Makers: Sonja Trauss

SF Bay Area Renters’ Federation started in March 2014. Frustrated by neighborhood obstructionism with respect to new housing during a displacement crisis, Sonja Trauss started writing letters in support of every project before planning. May 1st, 2014 three people went to the planning commission for the first time, to testify willy nilly in favor of anything being proposed. The SFBARF mailing list grew from 5 people in April 2014 to about 40 in October 2014. October 2014 the Examiner ran an article about the group. The size of the mailing list doubled to 80 after the article. Encouraged by the positive feedback, Sonja Trauss decided if she could raise $10,000, she would quit her job and work on sfbarf full time. She got pledges for the full $10,000 and quit her job. In March 2015 she raised another $10,000.

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