Milpitas Mixed Use Community Formerly Known As “The District” Finds New Identity As “The Fields”

The teams at Lyon Living and Lockehouse Retail Group jointly announce the re-naming of the Milpitas mixed use community located at Great Mall Parkway and McCandless Drive from “The District” to “The Fields.”

The location, offering 1,185 residential units, approximately 150,000 square feet of retail space and a 200 room luxury hotel at full build out, will be marketed as The Fields – a respectful nod to the “fields of science” that are deeply engrained within the local tech community, as well as a reference to Milpitas’ origin as a farming community. With this new identity, both Lyon and Lockehouse hope to join in the upward movement of technology and surge of creativity in the Bay Area while nurturing small-town roots to plant the seeds for an exciting new center of art, commerce and culture.

The rebrand introduces a naming system that brings a much-needed cohesive theme that will strengthen the brand identity, as well as create a stronger sense of community. Below, you will see that each building pays homage to the scientific community’s elite, with an award or laureate as its namesake. Inspired by the vision to reinvent the world, The Fields is a place that embodies the same spirit of discovery and imagination.

The Fields

  • “Fields” is in reference to the various fields of science. Each building will represent a different science-related field, such as mathematics, computer science, chemistry, or physics
  • “Milpitas” means “little corn field” and has a rich history in agriculture.
  • The Fields Award is the highest honor in Mathematics.
  • The Fields logo will incorporate a geometric design that is inspired by natural elements—a nod to its roots in both mathematics and nature.

Individual building names:

Building 1: “Turing” (representing the field of Computer Science)

  • The Turing Award is considered the Nobel Prize of Computer Science.
  • Named after Alan Mathison Turing, the original hacker who famously cracked Nazi communication codes during WW2.
  • The Turing logo will represent a traditional code key from the enigma machine.

Building 2: “Ada” (representing the field of Chemistry)

  • Named after Ada Yonath, a female Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry.
  • The Ada logo will incorporate a ribbon-like design to represent her pioneering work on the structure of the ribosome.

Buildings 3 and 4 are still in the works and will receive their own, respective updates as the project continues to develop — we look forward to keeping you informed and in the loop on it all.

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