The Minkoff Group Pays $33MM for 2.4-Acre Site in San Carlos East Side Innovation District 

By Catherine Sweeney 

As San Carlos’ East Side Innovation District continues to take off, more development sites are being acquired in the surrounding area. One recently recorded acquisition in the area was by Oakland-based The Minkoff Group, which according to public records, purchased a 2.4-acre property in the area at the end of May. Currently, the site of a concrete plant, the property was sold for $33 million.   

The property is located at 1026 Bransten Road, and is occupied by concrete and cement mixer CEMEX USA, which sold the property. The cement plant was one of 10 owned by CEMEX across the United States. The cement and concrete manufacturer also maintains nearly 50 cement terminals and more than 280 ready-mix concrete plants. 

While it remains unclear what plans The Minkoff Group has in store for the 2.4-acre site, surrounding developments may provide a hint into what the site may become. The site is part of the larger East Side Innovation District. The 150-acre area – bounded by Holly Street, Brittan Avenue, Old County Road and Highway 101 –  has recently seen a boom in innovative commercial and life science developments. 

According to the City, the area has seen approximately 1.7 million square feet across eight projects of new development proposed since 2021 seven of which are life science proposals. 

In addition to the proposed projects, two recently completed projects are located at 887 Industrial and 930 Brittan. 887 Industrial is a 528,520 square-foot development that includes two six-story commercial buildings. 930 Brittan, on the other hand, reaches 25,561 square feet and is made up of one three-story building and a surface parking lot. 

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