Model No. Looks to Redefine the Furniture Industry with 3D Printing and Customizations

Model No., Oakland Furniture 3d printing

Raub to scale the direct-to-consumer, customizable and zero-waste furniture brand to meet the evolving needs of the modern consumer 

Oakland, CA –September 16th, 2020– Model No. , the tech-centric and customizable furniture brand, today announced the appointment of retail industry veteran Phillip Raub as the company’s new CEO. Additionally, company Co-Founder Jeffrey McGrew, architect and technologist with expertise in digital fabrication and parametric design, will assume the role of CTO.

Together, Raub and McGrew will tap into their shared experiences of using innovative technologies to scale and disrupt the antiquated furniture industry. With these new leadership appointments in place, Model No. aims to give consumers an elevated direct-to-consumer experience centered around made-to-order home products that are sustainable, beautiful and easy to configure and purchase. 

Raub joins Model No. from b8ta, where he served as President and Co-Founder of the software-powered retailer. In this role, he pioneered the retail-as-a-service concept which leverages data analytics to provide brand partners with consumer product engagement and feedback data in real-time. He was also integral in expanding the brand to new markets domestically and internationally. Additionally, he served as Co-CEO of Toy Retail Showrooms, the operator of Toys “R” ® Us stores in the U.S., where he led the vision to evolve the iconic toy store into an experiential retail brand. Prior to b8ta, he served as Head of Global Channel Marketing for Nest at Google. Over the years, Raub has proven to be a true innovator operating at the intersection of commerce and technology and distinctly poised to position Model No. as the category leader in the furniture industry at the cross section of technology and sustainability.

“Similar to Tesla taking the automotive industry by surprise with the development of electric-powered cars and a technologically superior product, Model No. is reimagining the furniture industry by building beautifully designed, eco-friendly, customized furniture and home products through an automated fabrication process for today’s mindful consumer,” said Phillip Raub, the newly-appointed CEO of Model No. “I’m looking forward to taking the lessons I’ve learned at Nest and b8ta to accelerate new direct-to-consumer experiences.” 

McGrew has more than 20 years of experience as an architect and technologist with a focus on digital fabrication. He has become a respected executive in the digital fabrication space with a proven track record of identifying and leveraging new technologies. Prior to co-founding Model No., McGrew co-founded the Design-Build company, Because We Can, and has been part of several other startups and established ventures throughout his career. 

“Model No. seeks to deliver a zero-waste product that fits into the lifestyle of our environmentally- conscious consumer,” said Jeffrey McGrew, Co-Founder and CTO. “By reinventing the process of furniture design and production with the leveraging of 3D printing and digital fabrication, I’m excited to join forces with Phillip to give consumers a sustainable version of a product that they will always love and need.” 

The future of the furniture industry will be built with customer data insights and the latest technologies such as digital fabrication, parametric, and generative design. Model No.’s unique direct-to-consumer platform powered by 3D printers and other advanced automation enable seamless ordering and on-demand manufacturing, giving rise to furniture that is perfectly tailored to meet the expectations of today’s consumers. 

About Model No. 

Model No. is is the first custom furniture brand that operates at the intersection of technology, design, and sustainability. Using exclusively sustainable materials, on-demand manufacturing, zero inventory storage, and sustainable packaging materials, Model No. is furthering its vision to create beautiful products that reimagine how furniture is bought, sold, and made. 

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