More Details on Facebook’s Menlo Park Expansion Emerge

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Facebook Menlo Park campus expansionThe City of Menlo Park will hear on Tuesday, May 19th, an update on the Facebook Campus Expansion Project at 300-309 Constitution Drive along the bay. While this is just one of the first steps in a process that will last approximately 14 months, some specifics are emerging about the redevelopment of the site.

[contextly_sidebar id=”VmoamidO2UojOTOqfHj5Qh4ZkEHa9jh1″]On March 31st, Facebook, Inc. had submitted to the City of Menlo Park an application for a proposed redevelopment of the campus formerly known as TE Connectivity Campus. The social media company purchased the10-building, 59-acre office complex next to its new campus underway in Menlo Park last summer. At that time, Facebook announced that it had no plans to redevelop the site, however plans are starting to emerge with details and timing of delivery.

“The adjacent property we’ve agreed to purchase is an investment in our future. We have no immediate plans to develop the property,” said a Facebook spokesperson in an e-mailed statement last year.

The document that the city council will review this week outlines that Facebook is planning to demolish nine of the ten existing buildings and construction of two new buildings, comprising roughly 966,000 square feet (a net increase of approximately 130,000 square feet). The buildings are planned to sit on top of surface parking that would contain 3,886 parking spaces.

A hotel development could also be in the works for a 200-room structure of nearly 175,000 square feet, which would be located near the corner of Chilco Street and Bayfront Expressway.

The overall project would require a zoning amendment to conditionally approve the hotel development as well as allow heights to exceed 35 feet, the current limit in the city. Additional considerations that the city will evaluate in the future include the removal of heritage trees and below market rate housing. The housing element allows for Facebook to either provide funding for the BMR fund or procure off-site BMR units directly.

The city has allocated $56,000 for a study to evaluate the first phase of the environmental review. Part of that analysis includes developing a preliminary draft schedule for the public outreach, which the city is hoping to finalize by the end of July 2016.

While the project itself is expected to last 14 months, the city is anticipating the Draft EIR would be released in the first quarter of 2016, while the final EIR, final FIA, land use entitlements and Development Agreement would be reviewed by the Council in the summer of 2016.

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