Morgan Hill’s Mayor Urges Attorney General Becerra to Cease Actions to Block Sale of St. Louise Regional Hospital, O’Connor Hospital and The De Paul Health Center

Morgan Hill, CA (January 28, 2019) – Last week Morgan Hill’s Mayor, Rich Constantine, sent a letter to Attorney General Becerra urging his office to ceaseactions to block the sale of St. Louise Regional Hospital, O’Connor Hospital, and the De Paul Health Center to the County of Santa Clara. The City of Morgan Hill believes that blocking this sale will likely result in the complete closure of these facilities as there are no other bidders. In his letter, Mayor Constantine indicated that the complete closure of St. Louise Regional Hospital and De Paul Health Center would have a significant impact on the residents of Morgan Hill, and all of south county, as there are no other hospitals serving the over 110,000 residents in this geographically diverse area. 

Morgan Hill has suffered the continued loss of medical services and preventative health care access for many years. As such, re-building the health care industry and providing additional health access to businesses and residents is one of the core tenants of the City of Morgan Hill’s Economic Development Blueprint and 2016 General Plan. Morgan Hill has identified healthcare as one of the top priorities for the community and as a result 90% of the zoning districts in Morgan Hill support/permit healthcare. The loss of the De Paul hospital presence, now 10 years ago, created a significant void in the City. It is a void that for years the community has worked to fill. Morgan Hill’s population is growing faster than the national average and cannot sustain further loss of healthcare services. 

Mayor Constantine commented, “It is imperative that access to healthcare services in south county be, not just maintained, but expanded. The County of Santa Clara has committed to this.  We believe the sale of these healthcare facilities to the County of Santa Clara is what best serves Morgan Hill and the entire south county.” Morgan Hill’s entire City Council is in full support of preserving and expanding healthcare services in Morgan Hill and the south county.

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