Mountain View’s El Camino Hospital Embarks on New Expansion, Upgrade Projects

Mountain View, El Camino Hospital, commercial real estate news, WRNS Studio, San Francisco, Santa Clara County, Silicon Valley, XL Construction, Milpitas

Mountain View, El Camino Hospital, commercial real estate news, WRNS Studio, San Francisco, Santa Clara County, Silicon Valley, XL Construction, Milpitas

By Robert Carlsen

Faced with a growing regional population, El Camino Hospital in Mountain View will soon embark on major expansion and upgrade projects at its 41-acre campus at 2500 Grant Road, highlighted by a new, high-tech behavioral health services building.

[contextly_sidebar id=”FpSgGsb1lGrM77l6DWOL02SLjkEpvfO6″]The hospital’s plan is just beginning to appear before the Mountain View City Council and residents, and approvals from the City Council and Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development as well as development and approval of an environmental impact report are still to come and will take from 10 to 12 months to complete.

Over the past 10 years, the hospital has undergone a “vast transformation,” with the delivery of a state-of-the-art main hospital and numerous outpatient clinics, according to a statement from the project’s architecture firm, WRNS Studio of San Francisco. Looking to the future, the hospital’s plans are in response to Mountain View and the surrounding region’s increase in births, which requires more space for medical equipment, visiting families and patient rooms, according to the city’s planning staff report.

The new campus update projects will include demolition of the old main hospital, the north addition building and the behavioral health services buildings. Plans also call for the removal of 200 surface parking stalls in order to construct the new two-story, 36-bed, 62,000-square-foot behavioral health services building; a seven- to eight-story, 230,000-square-foot medical office building; 320-stall parking structure; and a four-level, 360-stall addition to the current north parking garage. The project also will entail removing an as-yet-undetermined number of heritage trees and adding a new central open area where the main hospital and behavioral health services building currently sit.

According to the city, medical services for the campus must continue to operate during construction, so the hospital is proposing to complete construction of the campus upgrade in three phases over approximately five years. Phase one will be construction of the north parking garage addition. Phase two will be construction of the new behavioral health services building while maintaining and occupying the existing structure, which was built in 1961 and will be demolished upon completion of the new building. Phase three will include razing the north addition building and constructing the new medical office building and parking structure (and upon completion, demolition of the old main hospital building). In all, the parking projects will increase space by 25 percent.

A new medical office building will provide additional space to service outpatient care needs, which are currently located throughout the hospital campus, and will also allow for the maternal and child health programs to expand into the second and third floors of the existing Women’s Hospital, which are currently occupied by medical offices, according to the city’s report.

Key elements of the new behavioral health services building will be private rooms, a “hotel-like” interior design, a crisis stabilization area and abundant outdoor space, according to Michael Fitzgerald, the executive director of behavioral health services at El Camino Hospital, who added that the old facility had only 25 beds. The new building will create a “safe and tranquil environment that provides quality treatment for inpatients and outpatients experiencing acute mental health crises,” according to WRNS Studio.

Fitzgerald said that decades of diminishing care regionally for mental health treatment in north Santa Clara County, population growth in Silicon Valley along with significant remodeling costs and expensive code upgrades to the existing facility spurred the hospital to construct a new behavioral health services facility. Construction costs were initially pegged at $50 million, but that price tag is sure to rise, Fitzgerald said. He added that the hospital will seek out philanthropic support from the community to help fund the project.

XL Construction of Milpitas is the general contractor on the behavioral health services project, which will pursue LEED Gold certification.

Construction on the projects is expected to start in early 2016, according to Michael Kay, senior director of facilities development and real estate at the hospital, with completion slated for 2021.

Besides its 300-bed Mountain View campus, El Camino Hospital has a 143-bed facility in Los Gatos. Mountain View’s hospital also serves the communities of Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Cupertino and parts of Palo Alto and San Jose. Los Gatos also serves Campbell, Saratoga and San Jose. The hospital is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Key medical specialties focus on cancer care, heart and vascular, neuroscience, genomic medicine, orthopedic and spine, and women’s health.

Rendering courtesy of WRNS Studio

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