Mutual Housing Plans 242-Unit Housing Project in Sacramento with Development Cost of $125MM

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By Jon Peterson

Sacramento-based Mutual Housing California is teaming up with Capital Area Development Authority to plan a future residential development project in Sacramento located at 805 R Street. The estimated project cost is about $125 million, according to multiple published reports.

This is a proposed new development project where a total of 242 units would be constructed in two buildings with one of the structures six stories high and the other at seven stories. No specific timeline has been provided for the start of this project, but construction could commence as early as late 2023. It would likely take the development team anywhere from 18 months to two years to complete the project.

All of the units in the development are planned to be affordable housing apartments. Warehouse Lofts is another similar project in the neighborhood with a focus on affordable housing just a few blocks to the east on R Street. In addition, the developers are planning to install solar panels on the buildings. The emphasis in the property will be on bikers and away from commuting by cards. Around 300 resident and visitor bike parking spaces are planned in the development with room for only 35 vehicle parking spaces. 

The units in the complex will have a mixture of live/work, studio and one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. Two commercial spaces of 3,400 square feet will also be designed to space an exercise studio, event courtyard, public plaza and patio decks for street-level units. The design concepts on the project are led by Salazar Architects, which has offices in both Sacramento and Portland, Ore., according to its website.

The developers of the project will be tearing down an existing warehouse that is located at 805 R Street. Mutual Housing of California will own the property on a long-term basis, but it will be leased to the project partners under a 99-year lease term.

This new development is located in downtown Sacramento at the intersection of Eight Street and R Street. The R Street Corridor in Sacramento is seeing considerable development interest. One of the proposed projects along the corridor is the development at 1717 S Street. CFY Development is building 159 residential units and 11,300 square feet of ground-floor retail in a mixture of four- and five-story buildings. The development cost is in the range of $80 million.

Another project is the 1516 S Street development by Anthem Properties. This project will have 137 apartments, 8,900 square feet of commercial and around 9,600 square feet of exterior open space. The projected move-in will be sometime during 2023.

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