Nestlé, KB Homes and Tiburon Inc. Sign New Leases at Bishop Ranch

Food industry and Tech Presence at Bishop Ranch on the Rise; Multiple Small Business Deals also Inked

SAN RAMON, CA (June 14, 2012) Bishop Ranch today announced three new leases recently signed by Nestle´, KB Homes and Tiburon Inc., a mission-critical public safety software solution, as well as, ten new small business tenants.

Nestle´, represented by Jeff Birnbaum of CBRE, consolidated three divisions into the Bishop Ranch 8 office complex, including Nestle´ Foods and Purina. Located at 4000 Executive Parkway, Nestle´ lease is for approximately 11,500 square feet.

KB Homes, represented by Dennis Smith of Travers Realty, which will be relocating from Pleasanton to Bishop Ranch 8, located at 5000 Executive Parkway, signed a lease for 18,000 square feet to house the company’s design center and regional administration office. The company plans to move in July 2012.

Tiburon Inc., a provider of dispatch, mobility, records management, and corrections management systems for federal, regional, and metropolitan law enforcement, fire and rescue, and corrections agencies, will be relocating its headquarters from Pleasanton to Bishop Ranch 8 and moving in July 2012. Tiburon’s lease is for approximately 19,000 square feet.

“The newest leases at Bishop Ranch demonstrate our commitment to providing all companies – small or large — with the space and flexibility they demand, as well as superb networking opportunities to foster even greater success,” added Ed Hagopian, executive vice president with Sunset Development, the developer of Bishop Ranch.

In additional to providing excellent value and services to all its 550-plus tenants, Bishop Ranch offers business-to-business functions — such as round tables, seminars, and workshops — in order to provide useful information and networking opportunities for growing companies. With an increasing number of companies in the food and tech industries located at Bishop Ranch, these business-to-business opportunities are often productive and invaluable.

Bishop Ranch finalized ten additional leases with small businesses including XRG Systems, Henshaw Viera, International Diva, Thomas Rood & Associates, Stephen Chriest, and five others.

About Bishop Ranch Business Park
Established in 1978 by Sunset Development, Bishop Ranch is a 585-acre mixed use business community comprised of nine million square feet of office space in thirty buildings. More than 550 of the world’s leading companies, innovative startups, and medical and dental practitioners make their home in the thriving professional business community of Bishop Ranch. The recipient of many awards including The Urban Land Institute’s Award for Excellence, Bishop Ranch is home to many Global 2000 companies, including Chevron, General Electric, Toyota and Wells Fargo.

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