New Digital Platform Launches for Commercial Real Estate Leasing Industry

San Francisco, CA, An industry innovator, griddig launched the commercial real estate industry’s first real-time marketplace for leasing negotiations. Built with a framework of tools to calculate space needs, search and compare listings and occupancy costs, and close Letter of Intent agreements, griddig’s new paradigm brings office leasing into the digital age, encouraging team effort and collaboration with information, data and shared resources. For the first time, landlords and their brokers will have real-time control around populating the public site with up-to-the-minute office space updates while tenants will benefit through total transactional transparency.

griddig’s online marketplace solutions allow Landlords, their Brokers and Teams to create and control detailed listings for commercial properties, compare prospective tenants and their proposed transaction costs, and draft and execute Letters of Intent. Tenants and Brokers can quickly identify advisors to create Teams and collaborate to calculate current and future space requirements, search Buildings and listings, and save properties that meet customizable criteria. Through this collaboration, Teams will successfully use griddig’s tools to determine total occupancy costs for each finalist site and negotiate and fully execute a Letter of Intent.

Brokers and Service Providers will revel in griddig’s Client management tools, which offer a single portal to track the activities and progress of all of their Clients’ projects through the leasing process. Landlords and Tenants can invite all internal stakeholders to view progress throughout the transaction, preventing miscommunication and surprises.

“The commercial real estate leasing industry is ripe for disruption. The office leasing process has operated inefficiently without the benefit of a transparent web-based marketplace – accessible to all – where owners and their brokers can control and manage their building, space availability and pricing information. We are presenting the opportunity to give all players involved a collaborative platform to raise the quality and speed of all transactions,” says Dan Mihalovich, Founder and CEO of griddig.  “Every experienced landlord, tenant, broker and service provider knows that the sooner they and their respective Teams get on the same page, the sooner the transaction takes proper shape and heads toward a mutually satisfactory conclusion. griddig’s tools and marketplace creates opportunity, information and leverage for everyone to get deals done right the first time. We have created all of the tools that landlords, tenants, brokers and service providers need to complete the business transaction from start to finish – easily and much less painfully.”

griddig invites landlords, tenants, brokers and service providers to try the solution here:

A 30-Day Free Trial is being offered with the launch of the service. It includes access to Premium tools for:

·         Landlords and Landlord Brokers looking to control the presentation and details of their properties and listings on the site
·         Tenants looking to lease office space or sublease their current space
·         Brokers who need an easy way to collaborate with Tenant clients and their teams to calculate space needs, search and compare listings, negotiate and execute transaction documentation
·         Service Providers (architects, general contractors, real estate lawyers, etc.), whose collective expertise at the inception and continuing throughout the leasing process assures a timely, on-budget and higher quality transaction.

Mihalovich adds, “griddig brings innovative technology to an industry that desperately needs it, and helps the leasing process become a collaboration rather than a showdown. Landlords, brokers and tenants will save time and money.”

About griddig
At griddig, our goal is to bring efficiency, transparency and clarity to all office leasing transactions by providing a framework of tools to assess space needs, compare listings and negotiate deals effectively. Whether you’re a tenant, landlord, broker or service provider, griddig provides all the tools you need to negotiate office leasing transactions online with complete confidence and in a fraction of the time. Our tools and services address the needs of all parties involved from initial exploration through a signed Letter of Intent to achieve the best mutually beneficial agreement across the board. Search, list and lease space faster and smarter with griddig.  To learn more, visit

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