New Target Location in San Rafael Achieves LEED Gold Certification

705c5b9f56650bcbf99fa3b52ff9d9e9197b69d8Alameda, California—The newest Target location in San Rafael has achieved LEED Gold certification thanks to joint efforts by award­winning architecture and design firm MBH Architects and the Target Corporation. The 137,000­square­foot area was recently transformed from the San Quentin landfill site into a safe and sustainable environment for a new Target location that sits in the shadow of Mount Tamalpais.

MBH Architects coordinated with a diverse team of specialists, from structural, civil, and landscape specialists to experts in methane mitigation, vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRC), and onsite lighting in the parking lot. Before construction began, the project team worked with with the site’s unstable ground, which had been projected to sink two­to­three feet over the next 30­40 years. To counteract the settlement and create a more secure building site, the team spent the first few months driving prefabricated piles into the ground, stabilizing it before beginning to build the structure. Target San Rafael’s surrounding parking lot is connected by elevated walkways, made accessible by a vertical reciprocating conveyor, that minimize direct impact to the ground. MBH Architects also installed vents throughout the site to filter potentially hazardous materials as well as parking light poles to release the underground methane build­up.

MBH’s concept fuses modern sustainable components with signature Target elements. The parking lot is complete with 17 car chargers, a bike rack for cyclists, and bus shelters, encouraging alternative transportation to and from Target while minimizing car pollution. The site also features extensive roof solar panels and a storm water recycling system. Target’s signature spheres and colored concrete at the entrance add pops of color to the site’s landscape.

The project team also created an outdoor patio with a dining area that looks out onto the San Francisco Bay. With the addition of the outdoor space, San Rafael Target offers a retail experience that not only takes advantage of the locale’s spectacular views, but offers shoppers sustainable and thoughtful architecture.

About MBH Architects
MBH Architects is an Alameda, California­based firm specializing in retail, residential, hospitality, mixed­use, workspace, and healthcare architecture and design. With approximately 140 full­time employees, MBH believes that the best architectural solutions are born from collaboration and a team that are empowered and inspired. Empowered by long standing relationships, MBH has been able to assist its clients with changing programs, changing trends and changing climates. The firm has collaborated with several clients in taking their brand international, helping maintain design standards, international production of fixtures, and streamlining international communications. MBH’s portfolio includes many well­​known global clients and projects, including stand­​alone destinations, multi​‐level stores, flagship locations, lifestyle centers, traditional malls, and renovations. Some of MBH’s most recent projects are the award­winning Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek, CityTarget Portland, Levi’s San Francisco, Camper in Santa Monica, and a Tesla showroom at the Westfield Mall near Beverly Hills.

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