Northern California Chapter, NECA Presents Project Excellence Awards

Pleasanton, CA – Designed to recognize excellence in electrical/technology installations and the Bay Area electrical contractors responsible for their outstanding achievements, NECA’s Project Excellence Awards program has been embraced by projects owners, general contractors, architects, engineers, NECA electrical contractors, and other project team members who have had the honor of receiving an award for their submitted project(s). 

On September 10, 2019, these NECA electrical contractors and their project team members were honored for excellence in electrical construction: 

Collins Electrical Company, Inc., for the Mountain House High School Phase IV project. (Moutain House, CA). 

Columbia Electric, Inc. for the Dougherty Road Improvements project (Dublin, CA). 

Del Monte Electric Company, Inc. for the Kaiser Permanente San Leandro Solar project. (San Leandro, CA), and the Yerba Buena High School New Student Union and Quad Moderization project (Yerba Buena, CA). 

Lloyd F. McKinney Associates, Inc. for the Flats project. (Sunnyvale, CA). 

Long Electric Company for the Stone Brewing Napa project. (Napa, CA). 

McGrath Electric, Inc. for the Center Street Parking Garage project. (Berkeley, CA), and the Lynbrook High School Field House project. (San Jose, CA). 

Morrow-Meadows Corporation for the Boehringer Ingelheim – Fox/LTF project. (Fremont, CA). 

PDE Total Energy Solutions for the Los Positas College Microgrid project. (Livermore, CA). 

Prime Electric, Inc. for the Confidential Gaming Company project. (Palo Alto, CA). 

Ray’s Electric for the Solar Street Lights and Luminaires Installation project. (Alameda, CA). 

SilMan Industries for the Brooklyn Basin – CityLift Parking Electrical Installation project (Ph 1, 2 & 3) and for the Port of Oakland, Term #1, Electric Ground Service Equipment Charging Stations project. (Oakland, CA). 

Smith & Sons Electrical, Inc. for the West Valley College School of Professional Studies project. (Saratoga, CA). 

St. Francis Electric for the TraPac Terminal Redevelopment – Berths 25-26 project. (Oakland, CA). 

Wilhite Electric, Inc. for the Chemical Synthesis Pilot Plant at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory project. (Tracy, CA). 

“NECA’s Project Excellence Awards program allows our electrical contractors and the project team members to be recognized for excellence in construction. NECA contractors not only perform specialized electrical work, but also follow sustainable practices to ensure the highest level of energy efficiency in new construction and retrofitted projects. This prestigious recognition gives them an opportunity to market their achievements,” said Greg Armstrong, Executive Director of the Northern California Chapter, NECA. 

The Northern California Chapter, NECA represents the interests of union electrical contractors in nine bay area counties, including Alameda, San Joaquin & Calaveras, Solano & Napa, Mariposa, Merced, Stanislaus and Tuolumne Counties. NorCal, NECA is a vital resource that brings programs and services to its members, which allows them to stay competitive and informed. NECA contractors directly strengthen their industry, influence governmental regulations and enjoy access to exclusive business services.

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