Northern California District Council of Laborers and its Affiliated Local 261 Endorse Angela Alioto and London Breed for San Francisco Mayor and Jane Kim for Runoff

SAN FRANCISCO, April 9, 2018 – Laborers’ Local 261, representing more than 5500 union members in the San Francisco Bay Area, announced its endorsements for the office of San Francisco mayor in the upcoming June 5, 2018 election, which will be decided by ranked choice voting. The Union’s first choice is a dual endorsement for San Francisco Supervisor London Breed and former San Francisco Supervisor Angela Alioto; the Union’s second choice is Supervisor Jane Kim.

“It will be hard for any candidate to know our membership as well as San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee. However, our members know, trust and support London Breed because she’s been family; she’s been in the trenches and she knows the Laborers well. In fact, her mother is a long time member of Laborers’ Local 261” said Ramon Hernandez, Laborers’ Local 261 Business Manager. “It became clear that each of the endorsed candidates understood the importance of a hiring hall agreement, private sector maintenance worker apprenticeship; and protecting and advancing labor standards for the temporary workforce.”

Angela Alioto, a former member of the Board of Supervisors and a successful civil rights and employment litigator, has a strong and impressive civic and pro-labor record. Among her many accomplishments, she authored the Sanctuary City Ordinance, the first tobacco-free legislation in the nation, created the San Francisco Youth Commission and the San Francisco Film Commission and served as Chair of San Francisco Ten Year Plan Implementation Council to address chronic homelessness under the Gavin Newsom administration. Ms. Alioto is the daughter of the late Mayor Joe Alioto, who was a true friend of organized labor.

“Angela Alioto knows the ropes and the players. She’s not afraid to mix it up and that keeps everybody honest. She means what she says and says what she means,” commented Theresa Foglio, Laborers’ Local 261 Field Representative.

London Breed, President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, District 5 Supervisor and former Fire Commissioner and San Francisco Redevelopment Agency Commissioner, is a native San Franciscan, who was raised in public housing and brings to the office a personal and profound understanding of the needs of low-income residents. She demonstrates a strong commitment to San Francisco’s disadvantaged communities and is in favor of expanding housing opportunities by building 5,000 new homes each year, especially for the middle class and low-income residents. Supervisor Breed is also dedicated to improving public safety and finding more effective long-term solutions to the problems of the homeless population.

Supervisor Jane Kim has been a strong ally of Laborers’ Local 261. She has supported projects, which have strengthened San Francisco and our middle class. She has sponsored a Clean Streets Initiative to improve the quality of life for every San Franciscan while creating good paying union jobs by doubling the number of street cleaners. Her support of housing development in San Francisco District 6 has not only led to record levels of affordable housing, it has also created significant numbers of construction jobs. Supervisor Kim stands for increasing educational opportunities for all and worked to make City College free so that all, including Laborers’ Local 261 members, can continue their education and job training without regard to their age or income.

“With respect to our Industry, more has gotten done in Supervisors Kim’s District that in any other area of California. She is pro-worker, pro-union, pro-middle-class and our membership is aligned with her energized base on all of the major economic issues,” said Vince Courtney Laborers Local 261 Political Captain.

The above three mayoral candidates have pledged to uphold and protect area labor standards by utilization of hiring halls and career pathway models, especially as Laborers’ Local 261 advances new opportunities in private sector maintenance and expands pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship training for local residents most in need of good paying union jobs.

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