Overlake Capital Presents Flagship Real Estate Fund in Silicon Valley

SILICON VALLEY, Calif., April 29, 2015 — Fund managers Paul Thacker and Blake Robbins are back in Silicon Valley to present their firm’s second core fund, which is developing brand new residential properties in burgeoning neighborhoods throughout Seattle and Bellevue, WA. Overlake Capital, a Bellevue-based investment firm, is presenting their latest real estate development fund – dubbed “Flagship 2.0” – this Friday, May 1st, at Keiretsu Forum’s Angel Capital Expo.

Held at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus, the expo will provide hundreds of bay area investors with opportunities ranging from high-potential startups to managed investment funds. Keiretsu’s Angel Capital Expo is an all day event, beginning with registration and breakfast at 7:30am, and concluding with a mixer prior to adjournment at 5:00pm.

“We were honored last November when Keiretsu members and investors voted our firm the ‘Most Valuable Company’ at 2014’s expo. We hope that our new development fund is more than enough to keep Silicon Valley investors thrilled with the results we’re achieving in the Northwest,” said Thacker, co-founder at Overlake. “As Keiretsu members and angel capital investors ourselves, we know the importance of having a profitable and consistent profit workhorse in your investment portfolio to fund your other endeavours. For our investors, Overlake is that workhorse. That’s why we’re here.”

Overlake expects its Flagship 2.0 fund to return a minimum of 17% to investors in the coming months and years. According to the firm, the fund’s predecessor – “Flagship 1.0” – has returned over 14% to investors in each of the past three years. When asked what separates Overlake from other investment firms, Robbins had this to say: “We get our hands dirty. We aren’t staring at a screen all day, buying and selling paper. We’re out in the field, doing what we know best, every day of the week.”

Overlake will be presenting the fund around noon on Friday. Investors are encouraged to register and attend the expo, or to visit Overlake’s website for more information.

Overlake Capital: http://www.overlake.com

Keiretsu Forum: http://www.keiretsuforum.com

Register for the Expo: http://www.keiretsuforum.com/event/angel-capital-expo-2015/

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