Pacific Project Management Announces New Name and New Logo: Pacific Program Management

SEATTLE, Wash. – August 3, 2020 – Today, the Seattle-based commercial real estate firm formerly known as Pacific Project Management formally announced a new name – Pacific Program Management. The name change comes after several months of evaluating the future of the fast-growing commercial real estate firm through a research and rebranding process. The new name, accompanied by an updated logo, reflects its strategic vision as a trusted advisor to help companies develop a workplace strategy. 

“It really came down to us recognizing that our business has evolved to lead more strategic program planning with our clients to help them solve for complex workplace challenges,” said Clark Lindsay, CEO and founder of PPM. “We partner with clients across the country to reimagine the potential of their people and how they occupy their spaces with the expertise to help them fully realize their business goals. That’s really more programmatic in scale.” 

Having recently celebrated a decade in business, Pacific Program Management (PPM) has seen significant growth with market expansion across the West, East and Midwest, and leadership credits its programmatic strategy as one key reason.

Over the past three years, the company has seen consistent year-over-year growth. The firm has also recently hired 31 new employees since the start of 2020, including several key leadership positions such as Don Schulz as its new Chief Operating Officer.  

While PPM was already recognizing the value of its evolving programmatic approach for many new clients, the impact of the pandemic has forced businesses around the world to reimagine how and where people work. This in turn has created more interest in PPM’s ability to identify new approaches to workplace strategy.

“We recognize this is a difficult time for a lot of businesses including many in commercial real estate. Huge disruption like this is unprecedented,” added Lindsay. “In chaos we feel fortunate that our approach is providing value to those businesses seeking to chart out their new futures.”

The three primary services that PPM delivers to help businesses reorient their workplace strategies include Workplace Consulting, which partners with clients to develop their comprehensive workplace strategies, Capital Project Management, which manages large, complex commercial construction projects, and Transition and Relocation Management, which is specific to companies that need to physically move operations. 

The overarching program management approach reflected in the new name is embedded in each of these practices. And while the name shift is subtle, the company believes it is significant and better reflects the talent of its team and the breadth of its growing portfolio of commercial real estate work.  

About PPM

Pacific Project Management (PPM) is a commercial real estate program management firm that partners with businesses to create, implement and operationalize workplace strategies.  Headquartered in Seattle with locations across the nation, PPM’s extensive experience and collaborative approach deliver complete solutions for their clients. PPM offers three core services including Workplace Consulting, Capital Project Management, and Transition and Relocation Services. For more information please contact Melanie Deitch at

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