Palace of Fine Arts Proposals

Palace of fine arts, San Francisco, California, USA

Palace of fine arts, San Francisco, California, USA

By Jack Stubbs

[contextly_sidebar id=”JP7o2LxeBBggWbn55bRjp0ID3CVXKSUq”]Seven development sponsors proposed new uses for San Francisco’s historic Palace of Fine Arts in the Marina District. Below is a summary of each proposal that offers to transform the San Francisco iconic location:

1) The Bay Club Co. envisions the space as a “public, recreational, social and cultural hub for residents and visitors,” its proposal said. The Bay Club at the Palace of Fine Arts would offer free public recreational offerings including playgrounds along with various sports courts and yoga. Components such as wine tastings, youth programs and cultural and musical events would be available for a fee. The existing theater would be a community gathering space to present film premiers and festivals, musical acts and speaker series.

2) Bladium Sports and Fitness Club proposes transforming the Palace into a diverse community recreation center offering indoor multipurpose sports fields and activities such as indoor soccer, flag football and volleyball along with group fitness programs.

3) Equity Community Builders looks to emphasize arts, crafts, community and hospitality along with the site’s history. The project would feature a “grand public concourse that embraces the history, arts, products, crafts and culture of San Francisco,” its proposal said. The 700-foot concourse would be complemented by food booths and stalls. The ground floor would be publicly accessible, while the upper floors would be for hospitality use. Interactive art galleries and sculpture exhibits would be included.

4) The San Francisco Museum at the Palace (SFMAP) Consortium proposes to maintain the space’s arts tradition while offering public access to the space. The Palace would be a mixed-use site including the SFMAP, a new great hall entrance to the Palace Theater, a fine-dining restaurant, an educational and interactive public museum and retail kiosks. The great hall would link the Palace and the site’s rotunda and lagoon, the Crissy Field corridor and Golden Gate Bridge.

5) TMG Partners and Flynn Properties submitted a joint proposal for The Maybeck Center at the Palace of Fine Arts. It includes a central court with a sky-lit view of the rotunda and interactive gallery exhibits by the California Historical Society and the Exploratorium museum celebrating the site’s architectural legacy and the history of the Panama Pacific International Exposition. Also included would be a small-scale boutique hotel and restaurant; wellness and fitness facilities; and celebration venues, such as a ballroom. The proposal also emphasizes rehabilitating the Palace’s prominent architectural features, including the historic doors, fireplaces and exterior metal trusses. The existing on-site theater would be restored.

6) The Arcadium LLC’s proposal for The Arcadium San Francisco highlights wellness and community engagement and combines an arts space, destination market hall and holistic wellness pavilion. The site would feature galleries, performance art areas and an arts education center. Also included would be interactive exhibits and installations along with a market hall to showcase artisanal Bay Area commerce and eateries. Recreational options in the space include a yoga center, three wellness clinics and a spa.

7) The Palace of Fine Arts Foundation and World Arts West propose creating The Center for Global Arts and Cultures, a community hub and event site hosting productions, arts education and special events. It would offer international cuisine and services and refreshments for the public. The theater would be renovated and a new exhibition pavilion would be added. A history gallery and gift shop also would be featured along with an arts technology lab offering classes for all ages.

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