PerformanceGaines Opens New Palo Alto Fitness Center to Get More People Moving

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By Jacob Bourne

Chris Gaines first started his business in 2009 to provide coaching and training services to collegiate athletes, predominantly those playing for Stanford University’s rugby, football and triathlon teams. Over time Gaines realized that everyone could benefit from the work he and his coaches were doing, making PerformanceGaines the go-to place for anyone in the community seeking advanced personalized fitness training. Today the PerformanceGaines philosophy is that anyone striving to improve their performance in competition as well as in life is an athlete. Trainers focus on helping clients achieve their goals both mentally and physically.

“We provide movement coaching, which is based on personal training but also a lot more,” said Gaines. “We’re actual coaches working around goal setting that fits with people’s lifestyles. Our focus is on longevity-we’re in this for the long haul.”

PerformanceGaines coaches acknowledge that their clients’ bodies have to last a lifetime and tailor customized fitness programs to each individual with routines that sustain joints and muscles. Their original location at 3825 El Camino Real in Palo Alto was a shared space with business partner, Agile Physical Therapy, which proved to be mutually beneficial. Many clients have utilized services of both businesses, and coaches learned a great deal about the therapeutic aspects of training and consider the body’s healing process as crucial to sound fitness plans.

Finding that they had outgrown the shared space, Gaines sought out a larger facility in an area more visible to the surrounding community. A former stationary store at 310 California Avenue, a few blocks from both Stanford’s campus and California Avenue Caltrain Station was chosen for the new facility. Gaines saw that the new location’s 6,000 square feet of space would allow them to bring more coaches to the team and meet new clients, adding “We want to touch more people in the community and provide more services to broader demographics.”

Randy Keller, managing director for Avison Young represented PerformanceGaines in the leasing deal. The two main professional contractors for the new leased space were K Welton Construction and architect Paula Shaviv. The facility has amenity-filled locker rooms, offices, a staff room and is ADA compliant. There’s also an agility area, monkey bars and cable machines. About 66-percent of the space will be used solely for training and feature a nearly 25 yard long indoor artificial turf field to help clients develop well-rounded movement skills.

“If we can’t get outside we can mimic the outside feel indoors,” Gaines explained. “It allows us to work on agility, sprints, drills and team training.”

The new facility is intentionally simple and straightforward in appearance. There are no TVs or other visual distractions, imparting a “get down to business” feel to the place. At PerformanceGaines, there are no memberships; once inside, clients immediately begin working directly with a trainer. More space equals more coaches as well as services. Four new coaches have already been hired with another two likely coming on board soon. As one-on-one training is too expensive for some budgets, a greater variety of semi-private and group sessions will be offered to better serve a wider range of demographics. A barbell entrance course will emphasize good mechanics for novices, while movement and mobility courses focus on breathing and opening up joints.

“We’re really excited to have this opportunity to show our passion and love for the community,” expressed Gaines. “We are delighted to join the California Avenue community to offer our partnership, camaraderie and stewardship to our client athletes, our business partners and our neighborhood at large.”

A soft-opening is scheduled for the new location on Wednesday, August 3, followed by a grand-opening later this fall.

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