Podcast: Adam Stone, CEO & Co-Founder of ADU OZ Fund

Today’s conversation takes us to the back yard! Not necessarily my back yard, but a place where some cities across the country are allowing homeowners to build free-standing structures, accessory dwelling units, or more colloquially known as granny units or in-law units. The world of ADUs had grown over the last decade, and some big cities have enacted laws allowing for speedier development of these in order to curb a shortage of housing.

Our chat with Adam Stone, the CEO and co-founder of ADU OZ Fund, or ADU opportunity zone fund, is now looking to bring investment dollars into this opportunity and most importantly into areas known as opportunity zones. He’s looking to really put a booster on this business and help bring housing in areas where its perhaps needed the most. Here is our conversation about his business and the cottage industry of ADUs that’s quickly evolving.

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