Podcast: Cecilia Quezada & Julia Campbell of Quezada Architecture

Cecilia Quezada is the president and Julia Campbell a partner in San Francisco-based Quezada Architecture, one of few women-owned and managed architecture firms in the Bay Area. Friends for many years and partners over the last year and a half, Cecilia and Julia share the same ambitious and pioneering spirit for design as they do for life. 

Cecilia’s meandering way to San Francisco began in Argentina, where she was born, and continued through Pittsburg, PA where she grew up. She’s proud of taking a trek around the world in her twenties that helped open up her perspective on the role she’d like to play in life, which to this date shapes her architectural narrative.

Julia, on the other hand, hails from London where she spent some time perfecting her persistence and grit working the Petticoat Lane Market to pay her way through architecture school. Now, she rides a Vespa through the streets of San Francisco and hopes her son, currently at University in London will follow in her footsteps.

Like any other business in this day and age, Quezada Architecture is doing its best to keep the mill running and ideas flowing. It’s a time for creative thinking and hard work, two things its leaders have in spades.

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