Podcast: Kevin Danehy, Vice Chair & Global Head of Corporate Development @ Willow

Our next guest is Kevin Donahey, who earlier this year was promoted form CEO of North American operations for Willow, a global technology company working within the real estate and infrastructure industries, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Seattle, New York, London, Manila and Amersfoort, to its Vice Chair and Global Head of Corporate Development. Kevin’s background, like that of so many others whom we interviewed on this show, is unconventional and leads through Wall Street, various advisory roles, and one that finally landed him at Brookfield where he was tasked, amongst other things, to look for technology partners who can help the company scale into that area of expertise.

This led him to a leadership role at Willow, which we’ll explore now, as well as his perspective on the market, and where the tech space is taking hold in the commercial real estate world.

Welcome to the podcast, Kevin!

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