Polaris Pacific: Oakland-Emeryville Condominium Market Dec. 2014

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Annual Price and Sales Changes by City

The maps below (Figures 1 & 2) show annual percentage changes in median price and total sales volume by city. The most significant growth occurred in Oakland, where prices increased 15.0 percent from the prior year.

ABOUT POLARIS PACIFIC Polaris Pacific is a new-condominium brokerage and advisory firm renowned for its grasp and insight into market trends and buyer sentiment in the major urban markets of the West Coast, and its ability to capitalize upon this information to generate sales performance. We produce monthly reports on six major urban markets on the West Coast—San Francisco, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Oakland-Emeryville, San Diego and Seattle—that provide timely insight into the performance of new and existing condominiums in these regions. We also generate comprehensive custom reports for specific multi-family development sites, including pricing and rental models, floorplan critique services, demographic analysis, and future supply projections by submarket at the request of developers and financial institutions.

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