Polaris Pacific: Oakland-Emeryville Condominium Market, June 2015

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Annual Price and Sales Changes by City

The maps below (Figures 1 & 2) show annual percentage changes in median price and total sales volume by city. The most significant growth occurred in Oakland, where prices increased 15.7 percent from the prior year.

Current Prices and Sales by District

Figure 3 shows a box-and-whisker plot of sales prices by city during the three-month period ending May 31, with wider boxes indicating higher volume. As shown, Oakland had a higher median price compared to Emeryville ($462,900 vs. $395,000), and experienced substantially more sales during the period (218 sales in Oakland vs. 43 sales in Emeryville).

Historical Prices and Sales

During the three-month period ending May 31, the median price increased 12.8 percent from the prior year to $450,000 and the total number of resales increased 3.2 percent. The median price has rebounded from 2012 (see Figure 4) and is now 1.1 percent higher than the market peak of $445,000 achieved in 2006.

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