Prologis Submits Application for 551,029 SQFT Life Science Development in South San Francisco

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By Kate Snyder

South San Francisco has long been a hub of life science development, and it could soon see more with a recent proposal for an office, research and development or technology campus on the city’s east side. Prologis has submitted plans for a 551,029 square foot development consisting of two buildings and a parking structure, according to information from the city. 

The project site is located at 175 Sylvester Road and includes adjacent parcels at 101-108, 150 and 170 Associated Road. According to city records, those parcels would be merged to allow the construction of a 10-story building, an eight-story building and a nine-level parking garage with 827 parking stalls on a 4.7-acre site. The 10-Story west building would be located on the Associated Road parcels and would total approximately 340,600 square feet. The eight-story east building and parking structure are planned to be situated on the larger parcel of land on Sylvester Road. The east building is estimated to total about 210,430 square feet. 

DGA is the architect on the project. The design of both the east and west buildings are generally rectangular, and portions of the facade are inset at the upper levels to break up the mass and provide balconies as a tenant amenity, according to project plans. At the first floor adjacent to the central plaza, the storefronts are inset from the floors above, and there is an outdoor balcony at the 3rd floor level of the west building. Both the East and West Buildings are chamfered at the southwest and southeast corners to allow more sunlight into the central plaza. The parking structure would include a canopy of photovoltaic panels over the top level to convert sunlight into electrical power.

Four industrial buildings already exist on the site – a 22,375 square foot two-story structure and three one-story structures at 5,215 square feet, 25,511 square feet and 74,562 square feet. According to city records, all of those buildings would be demolished prior to construction.

Prologis is an industrial real estate investment and development firm that is based in San Francisco but operates in markets around the world. The firm has a number of projects in the Bay Area, and the recently proposed project is adjacent to another of the firm’s proposals.

That development is at 100 East Grand Ave. and involves the construction of a similar two-building life science campus. The project is entitled for one 10-story building at 298,827 square feet and one eight-story building at 244,467 square feet as well as an eight-story parking garage with 782 parking stalls. In total, that project is estimated to be 541,284 square feet. ZGF Architects is the designer. The South San Francisco Planning Commission approved the project in October 2022, according to previous reporting from The Registry.

Alexandria Real Estate Equities was Prologis’s partner for the 100 East Grand project until last year, when Alexandria announced that it was pulling out of the joint investment and would recognize a $38.8 million impairment charge to write off its entire investment in the project. At the time of Alexandria’s announcement, a spokesperson at Prologis said that Prologis would continue the development, although no further details about the next steps were provided.

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