Proposal for 70-Unit Mixed-Use Building Gains Approval in San Jose

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By Kate Snyder

Yet another mixed-use project is slated to be built in San Jose. A six-story building that would bring both residential and commercial condominiums to western San Jose was just recently approved by San Jose City Council, according to city records. The project at 1065 South Winchester Blvd. was approved during an October council meeting and will include 70 residential condominiums and nine commercial condominiums with approximately 20,410 square feet of commercial space.

The property owner is A & Z Development and the applicant is Cord Associates, both based in San Jose, according to project plans. The architect is Carpira, based in Laguna Niguel.

During the Oct. 25 meeting, San Jose City Council adopted resolutions certifying the Environmental Impact Report, approving the subdivision of one lot with the requisite number of condominiums and one common area on the project site and approving a special use permit for the necessary demolition and construction related to the project, according to city records.

Located within the Winchester Boulevard Urban Village Plan, the project site is surrounded by single-family residential properties to the west and multifamily to the east as well as commercial to the north and south, including a restaurant and office uses, according to city records. The property is located approximately a half-mile west of State Route 17, approximately 0.66 mile south of Interstate 280 and approximately three miles southwest of Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport.

The approximately 0.93-acre site is currently occupied by a 1,575 square foot Italianate Victorian-style cottage, a California-style barn and agricultural accessory buildings that were all constructed sometime between 1887 and 1900. Part of the project includes demolishing all existing buildings and the removal of 30 ordinance-size and 19 non-ordinance size trees. There is a plan to add a total of 86 replacement trees at 24-inch box size, which exceeds the city’s required ratios for tree replacement.

Of the 70 condominiums totaling approximately 130,840 square feet, plans call for 40 one-bedroom, 17 two-bedroom and 13- three-bedroom unit, according to project plans. The first floor would contain the residential lobby, trash cans, residential common open space – including a gym – commercial spaces and 25 parking spaces. The second floor would contain both residential and commercial uses, and floors three through six would all be residential apartments. In addition to the 25 parking spaces on the first floor, another 80 spaces would be available on an underground level.

A number of other mixed-use projects are winding their way through the approval process in San Jose.

Plans for the Icon-Echo Towers were just approved by the San Jose Planning Commission in October, according to previous reporting by The Registry. The project involves a two-pronged plan to build 525,000 square feet of office space, 8,500 square feet of retail space and 415 condominiums on a 2.1-acre site bounded by North 4th, East Santa Clara and East St. John streets.

Another proposal for a mixed-use project that is designed to honor the history of the Santa Clara Valley Orchards as well as add to the value and culture of downtown San Jose was recently approved by the San Jose Planning Commission. That project, called The Orchard, is a 606,526 square foot mixed residential and commercial building that would include 7,430 gross square feet of ground floor commercial space and 540 housing units.

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