Public Art Rises at the San Francisco Shipyard

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Bayview Horn_Jerry Barrish

Bayview Horn – Jerry Ross Barrish (On Display Now)
Jerry Ross Barrish is a sculptor and fourth generation San Franciscan who works from his studio in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood. Jerry created a tall, lean figure of a lone man playing a horn titled, The Bayview Horn. The Bayview Horn is approximately 15-foot tall in height and can be found near The Storehouse.

Gigantry – Matthew Passmore and Rebar Group (On Display Now)
Matthew Passmore is the principal and co-founder of Rebar, a San Francisco based art and design studio. Rebar Group specializes in their creative approach to reuse materials reclaimed from the waste stream. Gigantry is a climbing structure and architectural feature designed for safe play for children of all ages. The structure resembles the historic Shipyard crane and is located at Innes Court Park.

Hale Konon – Jessica Bodner (On Display Now)
Jessica Bodner is an artist, designer and gardener. Before recently locating to Ventura, Calif., Jessica was a Bayview resident and active member of the community for nearly 20 years. Hale Konon is a memorial tribute to the Ohlone Tribe, the native inhabitants of the southeastern shoreline. This install will be a life-sized historic interpretation of the tule canoe used by the Ohlone Tribe inspired by the nautical history of Bayview Hunters Point. This piece will be located at Innes Court Park.

Flotilla – Eric Powell (On Display Now)
Eric Powell is an artist who specializes in visual patterns depicted in metal for both public and private art commissions. Flotilla is a functional piece that references a fleet of small ships and is made from both new and recycled steel. Eric was inspired by the archetypal and timeless forms of sailing vessels, which is the central theme of the artwork. Flotilla will be located at Hillpoint Park.

Frame Refrain_Howard and Hood

Butterfly Girl – Jason Webster (On Display Now)
Jason Webster is a Bay Area sculptor known for his figurative work in metal and spent many years maintaining a studio at The Shipyard before relocating to Alameda. Butterfly Girl is a 12” high realistic figure of a young girl jumping rope. The structure depicts life-like butterflies dancing around her and her dress will be a finished from stainless and galvanized steel. Butterfly Girl will be located at Hillpoint Park.

Frame Refrain – Mildred Howard and Walter Hood (On Display Now)
Artist Mildred Howard and artist and landscape architect Walter Hood are both internationally recognized for a broad range of public art projects found in museums, galleries and inner-city neighborhoods. Frame Refrain is a 16’ x 16’ enlarged version of an antique Rococo bronze frame set to capture the multiple views and perspectives of The Shipyard’s landscape. More than 100 yards from the frame, a three-dimensional structure by Hood further explores the interior-exterior duality and the conscious consideration of space invoked by Howard’s frame. The structure is a Cor-Ten sculpture comprised of metal discs varying in size to essentially freeze the current landscape in time, seen through the frame. This artwork can be found just below the Overlook Point along Coleman Bluff.

Visions From the Past/Visions of the Future – Marion Coleman
Marion Coleman is a textile artist and emerging public artist who is recognized around the Bay Area for her artwork. For Visions from the Past/Visions from the Future, Marion proposed a segmented art mural of four narrative stories that she will initially quilt then photograph the images and transfer to 30” by 30” porcelain enamel panels. The four themes will be ‘At Your Service’ honoring the legacy of the African American Pullman Porters, ‘Not Always Rosie’ featuring women at the Shipyard making cotton grommets used to make the submarines tight, ‘What’s a Honey Bee’ featuring Shipyard female workers playing softball on an integrated athletic team and ‘For the Sake of the Child’ featuring a child planting a tree in front of a home in the housing projects. This artwork can be found along Coleman Bluff.

Nautical Swing – Matthew Geller
Matthew Geller is a nationally respected artist that is most recognized for his public art commissions and creating interactive and animated artwork. Nautical Swing will be constructed from parts salvaged from the Hunters Point Shipyard and will be a circular park bench where up to a dozen people can sway. This structure comes complete with a glass roof and LED light located under the bench. Geller’s inspirations stemmed from listening to community leaders speak about the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood. This install will be found at Coleman Bluff Overlook.

Stream of Consciousness – Heidi Hardin with Colette Crutcher and Michael Azgour
Heidi Hardin is a San Francisco community artist, educator and long-time art advocate who works in the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood to connect children and youth with the new Shipyard. Stream of Consciousness has two parallel themes: water and literacy. Local teens, guided by the artists, will explore the subject of water as it related to the Bay Area ecosystem with The Shipyard being the main focus. They will create clay tiles that demonstrate their multi-layered story of water. This installation will be found at Hillpoint Park.

Gigantry_Matthew Passmore and Rebar Group

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