RealtyMogul Reaches $100MM in Cash Disbursements to Investors

Platform Counts Over 165,000 Members

LOS ANGELES (October 05, 2018) – RealtyMogul, a leading online real estate investing platform, today announced that it has returned $100 Million in cash disbursements, including cash flow, appreciation and return of principal, to investors of its diversified product suite.

“We are excited to have reached this milestone and are especially thankful for our investors who trusted us to put their capital to work,” said Jilliene Helman, CEO & Co-Founder at RealtyMogul. “We work tirelessly to provide our investors institutional-quality commercial real estate investment opportunities, and this achievement is a testament to our hard work.”

RealtyMogul offers two Real Estate Investment Trusts or “REITs” for all investors, as well as private placement opportunities for accredited investors. The first REIT, MogulREIT I is designed for income and diversification through investments in debt and equity securities with contractual interest payments. The REIT is focused on current payments to investors and has paid 24 months of consecutive 8.0%* annualized distributions.

The second REIT, MogulREIT II aims to invest in multifamily apartment communities across the United States that have demonstrated consistently high occupancy and income levels across market cycles. The REIT is focused on long-term capital appreciation with some current income and has paid three quarters of consecutive 4.5%** annualized distributions. The private placement business is focused on investing in cash-flowing commercial real estate across the country. Instead of investing in a diversified pool of investments via a REIT, investors can invest in an individual property.

“At RealtyMogul, we place a strong emphasis on underwriting commercial real estate investments as well as asset management,” said Chris Fraley, Chief Investment Officer. “Even though a deal might be closed and off the platform, we are still constantly working behind the scenes to make sure the business plan is being executed effectively, which I think is a key element to ensuring long term success.”

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About RealtyMogul
RealtyMogul is a commercial real estate private markets investing platform that provides discerning investors exclusive access to thoroughly vetted opportunities, rigorous underwriting, and high-touch customer service through licensed investment professionals. We strive to build wealth through sound principles and data insights, serving real people who want a smart alternative investing strategy.

We offer capital financing opportunities to qualified real estate companies, and through our rigorous vetting we’re able to hand-select opportunities for our discerning investors. RealtyMogul offers securities through North Capital Private Securities Corporation, member FINRA/SIPC.

Before investing, consider the “Risks” associated with each investment. Important information about risks, fees and expenses are outlined in the official offering documents: MogulREIT I and MogulREIT II. Private Placements are speculative and involve substantial risks such as illiquidity, lack of diversification, complete loss of capital, default risk, industry and capital call risk. Investing in REIT common shares is speculative, and risks include illiquidity, complete loss of capital, limited operating history, conflicts of interest and blind pool risk.

*MogulREIT I has consistently declared distributions on a monthly basis since it started its operation. All distributions equate to approximately 8.0% on an annualized basis based upon the historical NAV. The annualized distribution rate is not a guarantee or projection of future distributions, and the Manager may in the future declare lower distributions or no distributions at all. While the Manager is under no obligation to do so, the annualized distribution rate assumes that the Manager will declare distributions in the future similar with the distribution disclosed herein.

**MogulREIT II has declared distributions on a quarterly basis since January 1, 2018. The quarterly distributions equate to approximately 4.5% on an annualized basis based upon the $10.00 per share purchase price. The annualized distribution rate is not a guarantee or projection of future distributions, and the board of directors may in the future declare lower distributions or no distributions at all for any given period.

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