Regionalization Drives Resurgence in U.S. High-Tech Manufacturing

American high-tech manufacturing is on the rebound. After a long period of contraction and job loss, the blow of a recession and fierce competition from low-cost countries, the industry (defined by employment in computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing, audio-visual equipment manufacturing, communications equipment manufacturing, and semiconductor manufacturing) is now enjoying a period of stabilization. Looking forward, manufacturing employment is projected to see positive net growth.

While the rate of growth is expected to be a nominal 0.7% between 2013 and 2018, it is a positive sign that the pain endured during the early years of the decade is over. Data and insights from working with clients across different industry segments suggests companies are now seeking a balanced and more regionalized approach to manufacturing, where capital and labor are strategically deployed to leverage the inherent benefits of different countries. Might we be at the beginning of an upswing that sees the U.S. reclaim some of the global share lost to China and Mexico in the world of high-tech manufacturing?

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