Reterro Awarded Second Contract for Union City Industrial Site Remediation

Reterro, Union City, Evaporative Desorption Technology, Livermore, Bay Area

Reterro, Union City, Evaporative Desorption Technology, Livermore, Bay AreaGreen, Patented Evaporative Desorption Technology Enables Least Disruptive and Most Cost Effective Remediation Solution

LIVERMORE, Calif., Dec. 13, 2016 — Reterro, Inc., a global leader in the treatment of a wide range of contaminants in soil, including total petroleum hydrocarbons and industrial solvents, today announced its completion of a second phase of soil remediation services at a former industrial laundry and dry cleaning facility. The company’s on-site Evaporative Desorption Technology™ has processed approximately 1,900 tons of soil, impacted with chlorinated industrial solvents used in past dry-cleaning operations. The site is in an industrial area of northwestern Union City, just east of the San Francisco Bay.

In 2011, Reterro’s Evaporative Desorption Technology successfully treated 2,000 tons of impacted soil that was reused on-site as backfill. This second phase addressed additional areas on an adjacent property. To facilitate redevelopment and move the project towards regulatory closure, removing residual contamination that was impacting ground water quality was needed.

“We are pleased with the results achieved by Reterro,” said Don Moore, Principal at Environmental Risk & Financial Solutions. “The company’s state-of-the-art soil treatment is unique in our industry. As shown by this project, Evaporative Desorption Technology can be deployed in a space-constrained environment, and allows us to achieve remedial certainty at a substantial cost savings relative to the off-site disposal alternative.”

“We are successfully deploying our non-disruptive remedial solution, both as a service provider, and in our own fully-integrated brownfield remediation projects,” said Tom Doyle, CEO of Reterro. “Unlike the most commonly applied dig-and-haul alternative, we don’t relocate environmental liability – we eliminate it.”

About Reterro
Reterro, Inc., is a global leader in on-site soil treatment and brownfield development solutions that unlock real estate value with remedial certainty. Reterro is unsurpassed in mobility, cost-effectiveness and speed-to-completion, with a record of 100 percent certainty of efficacy. The Evaporative Desorption Technology™ based approach is especially effective in urban, populated and space-constrained environments in which health and safety restrictions prohibit other alternatives. For more information, please visit

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