San Francisco Giants And Tishman Speyer Unveil Five Interactive Public Art Installations To Adorn Mission Rock Neighborhood

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Rendering Courtesy of Mission Rock Partners

Streetscape Activations Chosen from Among Dozens of Concepts ByDiverse Designers as Part of Mission Rock Street Rooms Competition

SAN FRANCISCO, April 11, 2022 – The Mission Rock Partners development team, a collaboration of the San Francisco Giants and Tishman Speyer, today unveiled five human-scaled “Street Rooms” along shared pedestrian thoroughfares within San Francisco’s Mission Rock neighborhood. 

The five outdoor installations – a garden party, a 3D mosaic of stone, a lounge room, an urban table and a bronze sculpture – will act as dynamic social spaces promoting interaction, dining, event programming, art and play through the burgeoning 28-acre waterfront development. 

The concepts were selected from among three dozen submissions for the Mission Rock Street Rooms competition.  Launched in 2020, the Giants and Tishman Speyer invited more than 100 architects, landscape architects, artists, fabricators and community members, as well as students from 17 design schools, to help define and activate Mission Rock’s streetscape.  To ensure an array of unique perspectives, the Mission Rock team put a particular emphasis on seeking out submissions from a diverse group of design professionals and artists.  

In partnership with a Street Rooms Advisory Committee of local community members and residents, Mission Rock Partners selected projects based on overall design vision and diversity of perspectives.  The winning concepts are both artistic and functional, and showcase a successful blend of natural elements and urban amenities to be integrated into CMG Landscape Architecture’s overall pedestrian-oriented streetscape design.   

Four of the Street Rooms will be installed along Dr. Maya Angelou Lane, named for the celebrated author, poet, actress, dancer and civil rights activist who moved to California as a teenager.  The fifth Street Room will be placed on Toni Stone Crossing (adjacent to Dr. Maya Angelou Lane), which is named in honor of the first woman to break professional baseball’s gender barrier with the San Francisco Sea Lions. 

“Mission Rock’s streets are intentionally designed to prioritize and enhance the pedestrian experience, while also paying homage to San Francisco’s rich diversity and pioneering spirit,” said Tishman Speyer Managing Director Maggie Kadin. “These Street Rooms will provide dynamic spaces that inspire people to think, reflect, engage and interact with one another.” 

Added San Francisco Giants Director of Parks and Programming Yennga Khuong, “The Street Rooms will offer respite, points of interest and places of comfort and socialization. They will also serve to stimulate engaging moments spread along the shops, restaurants, cafes and interactive storefronts that will animate the Mission Rock streetscape.” 

A partnership between the San Francisco Giants, Tishman Speyer and the Port of San Francisco, Mission Rock is a 13-year culmination of neighborhood and community planning to transform a 28-acre surface parking lot into an exciting new neighborhood and community gathering point for San Francisco residents and visitors on the waterfront across from Oracle Park. 

Construction is currently underway on two residential towers featuring 537 apartments, two commercial buildings totaling 550,000 square feet and 55,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space.  The four distinct buildings will tie together seamlessly with China Basin Park, a five-acre space that serves as a signature element of the mixed-use development. 

Upon full completion, Mission Rock will encompass approximately 1,200 residential rental units, 40 percent of which will be affordable to low and moderate income households; eight acres of public parks and open space; up to 1.4 million square feet of new, high-quality office and lab space; over 200,000 square feet of neighborhood retail and local manufacturing space; a parking structure to serve ballpark and local needs; and the rehabilitation of historic Pier 48. 

See below for the winning concepts, including design and artist descriptions. 

About Tishman Speyer 

Tishman Speyer is a leading owner, developer, operator and investment manager of first-class real estate in 30 key markets across the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America. We develop, build and manage premier office, residential and retail spaces for industry-leading tenants, as well as state-of-the-art life science centers through our Breakthrough Properties venture. With global vision, on-the-ground expertise and a personalized approach, we are unparalleled in our ability to foster innovation, quickly adapt to global and local trends and proactively anticipate our customers’ evolving needs.  By focusing on health and wellness, enlightened placemaking and customer-focused initiatives such as our tenant amenities platform, ZO., and our flexible space and co-working brand, Studio, we tend not just to our physical buildings, but to the people who inhabit them on a daily basis. Since our inception in 1978, Tishman Speyer has acquired, developed, and operated 484 properties, totaling 219 million square feet, with a combined value of over $121 billion (U.S.). Our current portfolio includes such iconic assets as Rockefeller Center in New York City, The Springs in Shanghai, TaunusTurm in Frankfurt and the Mission Rock neighborhood currently being realized in San Francisco. 

About the San Francisco Giants

One of the oldest teams in Major League Baseball, the 139-year old franchise moved to San Francisco from New York in 1958.  After playing a total of 42 years in Seals Stadium and Candlestick Park, the team moved to the privately constructed, downtown ballpark on the corner of 3rd and King in 2000. The organization is widely recognized for its innovative business practices and baseball excellence having been named in the past decade the Sports Organization of the Year by Street & Smith’s Sports Business Journal, Organization of the Year by Baseball America and ESPN’s Sports Humanitarian Team of the Year.  Oracle Park is also the only ballpark in the country to have earned Silver, Gold and Platinum LEED certification for an existing building. Since opening its gates, Oracle Park has become internationally-renowned as a premier venue in the world of both sports and entertainment.  On the diamond, more than 64 million spectators have witnessed countless magical moments, including three World Series Championships (2010, 2012 & 2014), the raising of four National League Pennants and eight playoff appearances. The ballpark has also hosted some of music’s biggest acts, including Lady Gaga, Beyoncé & Jay Z, Ed Sheeran, the Rolling Stones, the Eagles, Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band, Green Day and Billy Joel. 

Street Rooms Descriptions 


Project Description: Toni Stone’s whole life was like standing on deck staring down a curveball.  She wanted to play baseball from when she was little.  Her parents, not so much…until she started making money from the game.  She persevered well beyond the norms of the time, playing baseball with boys and then men and then making a living playing professionally but not in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.  Stone didn’t qualify for any of those teams because she wasn’t considered pretty enough, nor was she white.  Toni Stone was the first to play with and get paid by The Negro League as a Black woman. 

The sculpture will be made of bronze.  It will be a bit larger than life as Stone was 5’7”. With a ball cap on and some additional height, the sculpture will stand 5’10” tall.  Stone will be standing on deck, waiting for her turn at bat.  Standing there alone knowing that she could be one hit away from greatness, or one strikeout away from failure, made worse because she is “the girl.”  The pose radiates confidence, representing her physical abilities as well as her emotional strength.  She gazes up and away, visualizing what she’s going to do to that ball. The jersey she wears is the one she wore playing for her first professional team, the San Francisco Sea Lions.  Her number is on the back.  She wears the uniform with pride, and even in its bulkiness, one senses the difference in her form, but not in her heart.  Baseball is the love of her life. 

Artist / Design Firm Bio: Dana King is a classical figurative sculptor who creates public monuments of Black Bodies in Bronze.  She studies the strength and resilience of African descendants and creates pieces made of clay with her hands that are then cast in bronze.  King prefers sculptures because they inhabit space and space is power.  She believes sculpture provides an opportunity to shape culturally significant memories that determine how African descendants are publicly held and remembered.

Research is fundamental to her work.  When digging for threads to weave together stories of the past, there are historically generalized and racist ideologies that demand a wholesale upheaval of the normative misrepresentation of Black peoples’ emotional and physical sacrifices.  African descendants deserve public monuments of truth that radiate their powerful and undying resilience created from a Black aesthetic point of view.  King’s sculptures link generations by revealing common threads: shared values, experiences, and aspirations.  She knows they help those alive today compare and contrast their world with that of social pioneers, both enslaved and free, whose courage and commitment to excellence helped create modern society.  Dana King creates memories, hoping you see yourself and those you love in her work.  


Project Description: The Garden Party provides a visually open space for dining and seating.  Referencing garden structure forms, the enclosure’s open top allows for the street tree canopies to complete the room.  A standing coffee rail encircles the structure, inviting pedestrians and bicyclists for socializing, eating and drinking.  Planting vines will grow along the structure, providing texture and a bit of additional wind protection as it grows.  

Artist / Design Firm Bio: Min Design is a design-focused practice built on a foundation of architecture, landscape and art.  Min Design enjoys creating objects, spaces and environments that bring pleasure and delight into architecture.  Founded with the idea of creating an expansive and flexible practice, Min Design engages a wide and diverse set of clients, projects and scales.  As a founding partner in the former Min Day (2003-2017), EB and her office’s work has been nationally recognized for design excellence and innovation across a wide range of project types.  The design strategies, varied backgrounds and body of work demonstrate a flexible and collaborative approach to design with a multitude of project types, scales and teams.  The firm’sexperience working in a wide range of locations and project scales reflects interests in both the urban and neighborhood context, but also the varied scale within a project.  Located in Dogpatch since 2001, the firm employs eight architectural staff members and is a certified 100% woman-owned business with micro Local Business Enterprise (LBE) designation with the City and County of San Francisco. 


Project Description:POP Rocks is an interactive art installation that celebrates the geological and botanical landscape of the Bay Area by creating a three-dimensional mosaic of stone – a poetic sculpture highlights the inherent texture and beauty of the region.  The stone pieces serve as edges, seats, platforms and podiums.  In addition to the stone, a splash of color is introduced on the side of the rock faces, which changes depending on what direction you are coming from.  The pop of color not only creates different perceptions of the sculpture based on your orientation, but also adds vibrancy and whimsy to the streetscape. The yellow and orange colors recall the native California poppy wildflowers that are iconic to the Bay Area landscape. 

Artist / Design Firm Bio: Terrain Work is an international landscape architecture, urban design and public art studio in New York City that is known for its creativity and design innovation. Terrain Work’s landscapes and urban strategies consider how landscape’s innate ability to change creates new emergent forms and experiences that synthesize culture, nature and the built environment. Terrain Work approaches each project with a curiosity and collaborative spirit born out of the belief that landscapes should perform as both cultural provocateur and ecological system. 


Project Description: A roommate is a person with whom one shares a living facility such as a room, an apartment or a house.  In an attempt to transfer to Mission Rock’s public realm similar levels of intimacy, friendship, social interaction and engagement that one reaches with roomies at home, 100 Architects presents the project “Outdoor Roommates”. By mixing and combining the attributes of the words “Street” (outdoor, active, commercial, public, borderless) and “Room” (indoor, static, civic, private, protective), 100 Architects developed evolved typologies of urban artifacts that offer a sense of space in an open and shared fashion.  The Lounge Room is a place for residents to take a break and hang out with their neighbors.  

Artist / Design Firm Bio: 100 Architects focuses on public spaces and spaces for entertainment in all its typologies and variations.  A team of young creative architects whose work lies at the intersection of place-making, street art, landscape design and urban interventions, 100 Architects specializes in street architecture and urban interventions, architectural objects, both ephemeral and permanent, which encourage the occurrence of social dynamics and unique experiences, creating human scale landmarks.   100 Architects was founded in 2013 in Shanghai, and is currently led by 3 partners – Marcial Jesus (Chile), Javier Gonzalez (Spain) and Jenny Fang (China) – establishing an international collaborative workshop based in Shanghai, China.  


Project Description: Designed with a diverse set of urban activities in mind, the proposal, in its conception, begins with the table as the most fundamental idea of an intimate gathering space. Urban behavior comes in all shapes and sizes, colors and sensibilities, and while the intention is to create a common urban meeting space, Oyler Wu was also interested in recognizing the diversity of activities that might occur.  From intimate individual spaces to sit, to large tables that allow for six to eight people – the table’s meandering form and variety of adjacencies are intended to bring those groups together into a unique and vital urban setting. 

Artist / Design Firm Bio: Dwayne Oyler and Jenny Wu established the architecture and design firm of Oyler Wu Collaborative in Los Angeles in 2004. The firm is recognized for its experimentation in design, material research and fabrication, and has won numerous awards, including the 2021 American Academy of Arts and Letters Award in Architecture, 2017 The J. Irwin and Xenia S. Miller Prize and the 2013 Design Vanguard Award from Architectural Record. 

Oyler Wu Collaborative approaches architecture with a critical and rigorous intent that challenges the typical vision of the built environment.  The office relies on the constant exchange between large architectural proposals and small architectural installations. Their recent projects include the competition winning entry for the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan, The Exchange for Exhibit Columbus, the Los Angeles River Greenway/Bikeway project and The Monarch Tower, a 16-story residential high rise in Taipei, Taiwan.

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