San José Wins Over $30MM to Build Transit-Oriented Affordable Housing

San Jose, State of California Strategic Growth Council, Bay Area, Market-Almaden, Roosevelt Park

The City of San José recently won two Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) awards from the State of California Strategic Growth Council. The awards include $31.5 million for two residential developments that will bring 155 new affordable apartments to San José.

AHSC awards encourage the construction of affordable housing and infrastructure improvements that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help more people live close to transportation, jobs, grocery stores, health care facilities, and critical services.

In San José, the awards will support the construction of 86 transit-oriented, affordable apartments in the Market-Almaden community, and 69 transit-oriented, affordable units in the Roosevelt Park community.  These new affordable homes will be within walking and biking distance of public transit, making it convenient and affordable for residents to move around the City without having to drive.

San José earned two of the seven AHSC awards given to Bay Area cities.  Additionally, these two San José developments won 22 percent of the statewide AHSC funds given to transit-oriented projects.

Of the $31.5 million coming to San José, nearly $21.5 million will help fund housing construction.  Approximately $10 million will fund local transportation improvements.  This includes $4 million for VTA to purchase new electric buses, and approximately $6 million for the City to build new and protected bikeways, make pedestrian crossing safety improvements, and add tree and landscaping to urban areas.

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