Santa Cruz’s J.R. Parrish Brings in New Talent

Santa Cruz, Calif. — Commercial real estate buyers and sellers will have someone new to choose from when they decide to make a move, whether it’s brokering a multi-family apartment deal, selling or leasing a building, or help with development services and entitlements.

Larry Wallerstein, a real estate attorney, broker and developer for 35 years in Silicon Valley, moved his range of expertise to work for J.R. Parrish, a Santa Cruz commercial real estate brokerage firm, which he believes is an excellent match.

“Working the Central Coast requires a combination of current street knowledge and an intimate knowledge of past deals done in the market place,” Wallerstein said. “Matt Shelton and the team at J.R. Parrish have participated in this market since 1986, so the tribal knowledge of past transactions and the families and businesses who conduct most of the real estate deals in this county are well known to them.”

Since joining the ranks, Wallerstein closed a $6 million office building sale at Kennedy and Winchester and Sam Cava in Campbell. He is working through an entitlement process and sale of land for a 20-unit townhome project at Mt. Hermon Road and Pinnacle Pass in Scotts Valley. Wallerstein also represents an apartment buyer and is looking for apartment buildings and office buildings in Santa Cruz County to list for sale.

“Larry’s ability to cut through the complexity of transactions, combined with the anticipated boom in multifamily and residential subdivision land deals in this area, creates an exciting win-win for J.R. Parrish.” Shelton, J.R. Parrish’s general manager, said. “He adds a significant expertise to our firm and we are all very happy that he chose J.R. Parrish.”

Prior to joining J.R. Parrish, Wallerstein established a building sales team for BT Commercial. During his decade of work, Wallerstein developed the first LEED Gold building in Cupertino — the Panasonic/Apple building.

He also sold and leased office, research and development, and industrial buildings as well as listed and sold land deals. Some of those included the Knight Ridder disposition of 17.4 acres of land for a retail center as well as land assembles for residential development.

Before Wallerstein became an attorney who was named as San Jose Magazine’s Best Real Estate Lawyer many times over, he worked as a bit actor with parts in Leave it to Beaver, 87th Precinct, The Birds and The Prize. He earned his college and law degree through night school.

Wallerstein lives on the Westside of Santa Cruz and enjoys serving as a Santa Cruz Rotary member as well.

“There is a thriving business and real estate market here, but it takes understanding how it works to be part of it. I plan on being part of it.”

About J.R. Parrish
J.R. Parrish is one of the largest commercial real estate firms in the Monterey Bay area. James R. Parrish opened the Santa Cruz office of J. R. Parrish in 1980. Initially focused on leasing industrial buildings, as the company grew, it began representing office and research and development buildings. In the mid-1980s, the company began marketing investment properties and in 1992, retail brokerage was added.

The Santa Cruz office is locally owned and managed. The company’s goal in brokerage is to foster an atmosphere of mutual trust and commitment to completing the transaction. J. R. Parrish is known within the industry as a company that will cooperate with all brokers to expose its clients’ properties to the largest possible number of potential prospects.

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