Sobrato’s Plan to Upgrade Redwood City Mall with Mixed-Use Project is Moving Forward

Redwood City Sobrato Organization Broadway Plaza Caltrain Redwood Village Staumbaugh Heller Hoover Park Studio T Square TGP Form 4 Kier & Wright

Redwood City Sobrato Organization Broadway Plaza Caltrain Redwood Village Staumbaugh Heller Hoover Park Studio T Square TGP Form 4 Kier & Wright

By Jacob Bourne

A shopping mall at 1401 Broadway in Redwood City is up for redevelopment as a sizable residential, office and retail project by The Sobrato Organization. Bounded by Chestnut Street, Broadway, Woodside and Bay Roads the existing parcel is home to a large surface parking lot and stores such as Big Lots, Red Wing, CVS as well as a number of eateries. The area is just off of Bayshore Freeway, several blocks from Caltrain, and surrounded by a scattering of other retail establishments to the North and the residential areas of Redwood Village and Stambaugh Heller to the south along with Hoover Park.

[contextly_sidebar id=”HOGexZ3zjZUnl02eHji8uKKkjSLpsN2f”]Architects Studio T Square, Form 4 Inc., TGP Inc., and civil engineer Kier & Wright are working with Sobrato to create a contemporary mixed-use development that when completed will feature three residential complexes, three office buildings and two retail buildings that will nearly encompass the entire land parcel. Four hundred studio, one- and two-bedroom for-lease housing units will occupy 4.3 acres on the site’s western side, next to three, five-story office buildings offering 420,000 square feet of space. The CVS will relocate to one of two retail buildings on the eastern end of the property. The other retail structure will front Broadway and offer a single level of 3,800 square feet. There will be a total of 1,945 parking spaces for all uses within a combination of surface, enclosed at-grade and underground areas.

In July, Peter Tsai, Sobrato vice president, sent a letter to the City with updated project details and the latest iteration of the plans. A formal application has also been submitted for the project and is currently under review by planning staff.

“The transit oriented development with its adjacency to the vibrant downtown and Caltrain, will replace an underutilized, failing retail center with much needed housing and workplaces for Redwood City,” wrote Tsai. “It will also clean up a highly contaminated site protecting the rest of the neighborhood. As part of the development plan, the pollutants on site will be removed and/or treated, stopping the further contamination of the adjacent lands and the bay.”

Of the development’s 129,484 square feet of total open space, approximately 39-percent will be available for public use. The mid-block promenade will feature a dog run, walkways, outdoor seating areas and bicycle parking. A large meadow and outdoor meeting areas lie between office structures in addition to several public plaza spaces throughout the site. The development will feature extensive landscaping throughout with mature trees dotting the perimeter and walkways. Residences will be equipped with balconies, a courtyard, pool area and outdoor dining spaces equipped with kitchens.

“It will be a good year until we get to the point of entitlements,” offered Karen Vaughn, principal planner, Redwood City. “A full EIR is required for the project.”




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