Sol-Lux Alpha is On Track to Become the First Certified Multi-Unit Passive House 100% Fossil Fuel Free “Nanogrid” Building in California

The luxury development represents a bold step into the future of sustainable housing

San Francisco, CA: Local design firm Off The Grid Design LLC has created the first sustainable luxury housing complex of its kind in San Francisco. The six story, four-unit “Nanogrid” condominium utilizes 105 Kwh of Blue Planet Energy Storage, a state of the art BIPV and bi-facial solar array over the roof top outdoor living space, and a sophisticated energy management system to maintain building power at all times, even during grid outage. The new Phius Certified Building, called Sol-Lux Alpha, is projected to produce more than all energy required for building use, with excess energy used for EV transportation, or selling energy back to the local grid. This design system makes excellent headway in the state-wide movement towards Net Zero Energy (NZE) and Net Positive Energy (N+E) development.

The California Public Utilities Commission has a mandate that all new homes be NZE by 2020. Passive House structures use 80 to 90% less energy for heating and cooling, thereby making it less expensive for a home or building to achieve NZE use by reducing the need for expensive renewable energy systems. One of Off The Grid Design’s goals with this project is to show that highly sustainable and self powered structures are not only good for the environment, but can also return more than the investment required to build and own them.

John Sarter, CEO at Off The Grid Design, told Climb, “Now that there is a better understanding of the consequences of wasting energy, there are concerted state, national, and global efforts towards making homes and buildings more efficient, and towards the development of Net-Zero Energy (NZE). Sol Lux Alpha takes it several steps beyond, to not only Net Positive Energy, but also by being a highly resilient ‘Nanogrid’, immune to any grid disruptions such as during natural disasters and severe weather events that will continue to impact cities and communities.”

The project is located at 685 Florida Street, and will be completed and on the market in Fall of 2016. The full interview with John Sarter is published on Climb Labs’ blog. The building is being represented by Climb agent Justin Fichelson.

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