The Suburban Jungle Announces Expansion to San Francisco

New York Real Estate Innovator Launches Fifth Location With Complimentary iPhone and Android App

SAN FRANCISCO (September 14, 2016) – The Suburban Jungle, an innovative, award-winning real estate advisory firm specializing in providing comprehensive guidance for families and professionals transitioning from urban to suburban living, is pleased to announce its immediate launch in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The firm has disrupted the residential real estate industry in the cities of New York, Chicago, Boston and now San Francisco and has been eagerly embraced by families moving from urban to suburban. Recognizing that neighboring towns can differ significantly and that choosing the right town is more important than choosing the right house, Founder and President Alison Bernstein created the Suburban Jungle to provide buyers with a team of dedicated, truly objective strategists so that clients can understand the ins and outs and distinct personality of each town before making a decision.

“We’re delighted to bring The Suburban Jungle free service to San Francisco,” said Alison Bernstein. “San Francisco is surrounded by many wonderful suburban communities. The challenge, though, is finding the time to sort through the innumerable variables and intangibles to find the one that’s just right for you and your family. It is simply impossible to understand the true personality of a town simply by looking at the real estate. We provide a much needed service with a team of true experts, at no cost, and people have been loving it.”

The Suburban Jungle created a new space in the residential real estate industry by redefining the modern home search, offering buyers free access to a team of objective experts ready to steer them through a comprehensive step-by-step process that compares options and helps them decide not only on the home, but also on the community that is best suited to their needs. Each Suburban Jungle client works with a personalized team comprising a Suburbs Strategist (key advisor and guide who creates a home search strategy and is well versed in every town within commuting distance), a client concierge (administrative coordinator who books town tours, schedules sessions with the strategist, makes reservations, etc.) a “local” (provides the inside scoop on proposed town, both the good and the bad), an agent (local real estate agent trained in the Suburban Jungle perspective), and an interior design team (offered once a home has been purchased).

All of this information can be accessed and organized through the Suburban Jungle app, allowing the client and entire Suburban Jungle team to work and collaborate electronically. The technology brings unprecedented efficiency to the home buying process and allows the client to provide the team with feedback every step of the way.

“The town a relocating family chooses has an enormous impact on the way that family will live,” said Bernstein. “The Suburban Jungle’s goal is to ensure that the buyer asks all the right questions and is aware of the hard to see ‘intangibles’ of every town before making that decision. Ultimately the number of bathrooms has very little to do with how you raise your kids, but understanding the personality of the town, who lives there, and why they chose to raise a family in that town absolutely does.”

About Suburban Jungle
The Suburban Jungle is an award winning innovative concept in the world of real estate, specializing in moving families from urban to suburban. The firm created the first of its kind “town first” truly objective approach which helps buyers before they make one of the largest investments of their lives, allowing them to ask the right questions and objectively look in the right places. The firm specializes in providing clients the true inside scoop and the hard to see “intangibles” of every town. The Suburban Jungle is a completely free service. Each client works with a personalized deal team, free of charge.

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