Surgery Device Maker Files Plans to Expand Sunnyvale Campus

Sunnyvale, Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Office, Intuitive Surgical Inc, Lawrence Station Area Plan (LSAP), RMW Architecture & Interiors, San Francisco

Sunnyvale, Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Office, Intuitive Surgical Inc, Lawrence Station Area Plan (LSAP), RMW Architecture & Interiors, San FranciscoBy Robert Carlsen

A prominent robotic surgery manufacturer in Sunnyvale has submitted plans to expand its already massive, but discontinuous, campus setup with two new buildings of more than 600,000 square feet of office, parking and amenity space.

[contextly_sidebar id=”1mDpcs0QrWEm7epnl2bmisUZ9pNWy9on”]The two new four-story office/engineering buildings and parking garages will be located adjacent to the firm’s headquarters building at 1020 Kifer Road at between 1050 and 1090 Kifer Road and at 1127 Sonora Court to the west. Three buildings in the Kifer block will be demolished along with one building on Sonora Court; Intuitive Surgical owns all the current buildings. The firm also occupies three other buildings totaling 900,000 square feet along Kifer Road.

“Since its founding, Intuitive Surgical Inc.’s real estate portfolio has grown by acquiring nearby buildings and parcels along Kifer Road as the business grew,” said the company in a letter to the city. “While this satisfied immediate space demands, the result has been a sprawling campus of unconnected buildings spread out over 1.3 miles of Kifer Road.”

Intuitive Surgical is Sunnyvale’s seventh largest employer with more than 3,000 employees. The new buildings, according to the firm, will house more than 2,000 additional employees.

The medical device company, founded in 1995, launched the da Vinci system in 1999, which enables surgeons to operate minimally invasive procedures with enhanced vision, precision and control. The system is used for cardiac, thoracic, urologic, gynecologic, pediatric and colorectal procedures using specialized instrumentation, including a miniaturized surgical camera and wristed instruments (scissors, scalpels and forceps).

Sunnyvale’s planning department is currently reviewing the application materials to determine if the application is complete and what type of environmental analysis is required, said Noren Caliva-Lepe, associate planner.

“A project of this size generally takes six to nine months to go through the entitlement process, which involves at least one outreach meeting and public hearing,” said Caliva-Lepe.

The project sits within the developing Lawrence Station Area Plan (LSAP), which encompasses 372 acres surrounding the Lawrence Caltrain station. According to Caliva-Lepe, the plan is expected to go before the Sunnyvale City Council for adoption in August. The draft station plan was originally introduced in February 2015. With a plan horizon of 2035, the LSAP includes goals, policies and guidelines to guide public and private investment in the area, according to the city.

She added that Intuitive Surgical has been in close communication with city staff to ensure consistency with the draft concepts being developed for the future LSAP. The parcels where the new buildings will sit have not yet been determined to need rezoning measures.

Two phases of construction are planned. Phase one, to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2018, will include one four-story, steel-framed office/engineering/R&D and amenity building for a total of 297,000 square feet along with a six-level parking garage. Phase two, to be constructed two to five years later, will include a second 305,000 square feet office building and a smaller parking garage.

RMW Architecture & Interiors of San Francisco is the project architect.

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