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The larger portion of the office, the 13,513-square-foot work area, accommodates the approximately 75 employees at Atel’s headquarters, totaling 180 square feet per employee. At $90 per square foot, even this less-expensive area is luxurious. “This is high end for most of our clients,” Pesci said. It’s all very pleasant, though not dissimilar to a standard office.

But Atel is, to some extent, a tale of two offices. In the executive wing, the cost per square foot is an astounding $323 across the 6,537-square-foot space. Luxurious is an understatement.

The hall is mostly glass and marble. At certain points wood breaks up the white walls, marking the entrances to executive offices. “You have these office portals that come up and over to define the entries to each office, so when you’re looking down the gallery space you know wood is where you turn in,” Tamburro said.

The furniture in the executive wing encompasses classical studio pieces, some from Eames, some from Knoll, set aside in various meeting rooms. One particular Knoll table includes custom-built components to allow for technology. It looks as if the table had been originally designed that way, but it took a dozen or so steps to retrofit.

“I’m very proud of this,” she said. “This is a classic piece, which is not meant to have technology inserted into it at all, but [Atel] wanted to have technology inserted. Basically Knoll said ‘We can’t do this.’”

It’s emblematic of the office as a whole—modern blended with classic. “We’re doing a lot of work with technology clients right now,” Tamburro said, “so [Atel] is an anomaly. It was fun to do something to this level.

“The Pyramid is, in my opinion, the address in San Francisco. Everyone around the world, if you say you’re in the Transamerica Pyramid, they know where you are,” Cash said. “We wanted something that would be impressive.”

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Photography by Thomas Story

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