Thornfeldt Underway With 8-unit Infill Project in San Mateo

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By David Goll

As part of the ongoing effort to meet the ever-growing demand for more housing, an infill project currently under construction will bring eight new residential units to San Mateo’s Gum Street neighborhood.

Approved in June 2015 by the San Mateo Planning Commission, the project known as 1805 Gum Street calls for the demolition of an existing duplex and a single-family house, and the construction of four duplex units, or eight new residential dwellings.

[contextly_sidebar id=”2ABe4unFzCrmtValJfBHZ98umWinpGJM”]Brittni Barron, associate planner for the city of San Mateo, said Thornfeldt Construction Inc. of Burlingame is the developer of the project, located two blocks from the interchange of El Camino Real and Highway 92, just west of the El Camino Real transit-oriented development corridor.

Victor Lo, listed by the city as co-owner of the property and Gum Street Management LLC, did not return messages seeking comment on when the project is scheduled for completion, whether the units will be rental or for sale, as well as the price range if they are sold.

The overall building site is 24,704 square feet, with each of the duplex structures slated to occupy 6,000 square feet, according to San Mateo Planning Department documents. The eight individual units would range in size from about 1,650 square feet to 2,100 square feet. Architectural details of the two-story residential units call for a Craftsman design, low-pitch rooflines, gable ends and porches with column.

The buildings will have a mix of one- and two-car garages, and varied colors, materials and architectural details to distinguish each one.

Planning officials conducted research on the single-family home scheduled for demolition to see if the century-old, one-story wood structure had historical significance. They concluded that despite being built in 1915, the house did not possess sufficient historical value, since it was not a strong example of an architectural style or type and was not designed by a master architect nor associated with important events. It was deemed as ineligible for the California Register of Historical Resources, and not worthy of designation as a historical resource by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Barron said this latest infill development is another example of her city’s housing strategy.

“There is a high demand for housing in San Mateo and throughout the region,” she said. “An objective of the city’s Housing Element is to increase housing supply to meet demand caused by future job growth. Several multifamily residential projects are either being proposed or are currently under construction throughout San Mateo. Station Park Green, Bay Meadows, Mariner’s Island Condominiums and others currently being reviewed will improve underdeveloped properties to help meet demand for housing.”

And 1805 Gum Street will add eight more units to that total, she said.

According to its Web site, Thornfeldt Construction was founded in 1991 and has built a number of luxury single-family homes in such Peninsula communities as Hillsborough, Burlingame and San Mateo, as well as the Napa Valley town of Oakville. It also lists two multifamily projects it has completed—five townhomes at 904 Bayswater Ave. and nine condominiums at 1512 Floribunda Ave.—both in Burlingame.

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