Top Real Estate Marketing Experts Launch First Residential Real Estate App with Comprehensive Property and Neighborhood Information

San Francisco – Residential real estate marketing is finally moving into the mobile age. The Urban Living App is an individually branded, custom mobile application for the residential for-sale and for-rent communities. The first of its kind, the app finally gives residential real estate professionals a customizable platform for marketing properties, while also harnessing the power of social media to highlight neighborhood features and provide important updates to potential buyers and renters.

The Urban Living App was created by Urban Living Marketing, a company started by CEO Bill Fishkin, a web development, internet marketing and social media professional with nearly 20 years of experience with clients that include The Carlyle Group, Simon Group, The Weinstein Company, Harrah’s and Cirque du Soleil. President Rhonda Slavik is a residential marketing expert who has overseen the sales and marketing for over 3,500 urban condominiums and over $2 billion in sales throughout the west coast.

Developers, brokers and property managers can tailor the app to comprehensively showcase their properties and display information about the surrounding neighborhoods. Additionally, easy ongoing communication with buyers and renters is enabled through push notifications, direct messaging and call functionality.

“The real estate market is changing,” said Slavik. “Gen Y and millennials are making up a greater portion of urban buyers and renters. With mobile device access already surpassing desktop access to the Internet, it’s imperative that any marketing campaign for an urban property include a mobile component. Our app seizesthis opportunity, giving real estate professionals an effective and efficient competitive edge at a very low cost.”

App features include:

•         Property Highlights: Users can view property photos, videos, features and neighborhood maps – all from the convenience of their smart phone or tablet. Custom pages can also be incorporated to include floor plans, available units, sales and promotions, amenities, construction information, parking details and more.

•         Neighborhood Information: Displayed on the homepage, the community news feed provides up-to-date content from select local businesses, such as restaurants, coffee shops and retailers. And an “Around Us” page lists nearby business’ locations, so potential buyers and tenants can explore the neighborhood within the branded app – eliminating the need to switch between websites and apps.

•         Push Notifications and Direct Communication: Ongoing communication is easy through the apps’push notifications, direct messaging and call functionality.  More time efficient and cost effective than emails and phone calls, notifications about lease specials, building maintenance, referral programs and more can be delivered directly to buyer and renters’ pockets.

“Consumers buy a lifestyle when they purchase or rent a property,” said Fishkin. “The Urban Living App sells beyond the four walls – not just what’s in them.”

“Our tenants use the app for everything from reporting maintenance issues, to booking appointments with trainers in our fitness program, to reserving space in the community room club house,” said Heather Wallace, business development director of the West Coast for Alliance Residential Company. Wallace, who currently oversees the management of Stanford West, faculty and staff housing for Stanford University, is also working with Urban Living Marketing to add a “Pay Rent” feature.

Pricing for the app includes one-time setup fees that range from $1,500-$4,000, and monthly fees are $150-$600 per month, depending on the scope of the project.

Founded in 2013, Urban Living Marketing is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices throughout the United States. For more information, visit

About Urban Living Marketing
Urban Living Marketing believes in challenging the status-quo of real estate marketing, and the process of looking for a new home or rental. With over three decades of experience in the real estate marketing business, Urban Living Marketing’s partners saw an opportunity to bring a conventional industry into the mobile age with the Urban Living App.

The first in the marketplace, the Urban Living App provides the residential real estate community with a customizable platform to market properties, leverage social media to promote the neighborhood experience and deliver important information through push notifications to potential buyers and renters via mobile devices. With consumers increasingly turning to mobile before making purchasing decisions and the proliferation of the live / work / play lifestyle, the Urban Living App gives residential real estate professionals a competitive edge by delivering a comprehensive experience to their target audiences. For more information, visit

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