Toyota Dealership to be Renovated in Growing Area of Redwood City

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Image courtesy of R.L. Davidson, Inc. Architects

By Meghan Hall

The old Toyota 101 dealership at 525 East Bayshore Road in North Redwood City will be receiving a facelift according to plans recently submitted to the Redwood City Planning Commission in May 2018. The site is located just outside of Redwood City’s downtown district and is located right between Silicon Valley and San Francisco in an area where vacancy rates for retail are hovering around two percent, according to Co-Star and the Redwood City officials.

According to Redwood City Associate Planner Christopher Rogers, the City hopes that the redevelopment of the Toyota 101 site will encourage other nearby properties to do the same.

“By Toyota 101 updating the dealership, typically it encourages adjacent properties to do the same, which in-turn beautifies the neighborhood,” explained Rogers.

While the project site is in a rapidly growing and changing neighborhood of Redwood City, many of the commercial properties in the area have not been updated in some time. Toyota 101 is located just off of Highway 101 and is surrounded by several other car dealerships. Boardwalk Chevrolet is right next to Toyota 101, while Peninsula Infiniti and Land Rover Redwood City are located just across the freeway. Currently, no other applications have been submitted to the City by the dealerships to update their lots. However, SyRes Properties LLC has proposed to redevelop a site just down the road from Toyota 101 into a 336 multi-family development; the project is currently undergoing a design review.

Rogers also stated that the improvements made to the Toyota 101 dealership will greatly benefit the consumer.

The application submitted by Toyota 101 would demolish the existing automotive dealership, which is composed of two single-story buildings on two separate parcels. The first parcel, which houses the current sales and services departments, would be replaced with a three-story building that will continue to be the dealership’s location for sales and services in addition to the parts department. A rooftop parking lot will be located on the top floor of the building.

“With the third and fourth levels proposed for inventory of vehicles, it will give customers more options of vehicles to choose from at the dealership,” said Robins.

The building on the second parcel, which currently serves as the parts department, will be demolished and replaced with a surface level parking lot for additional inventory. A vehicle delivery area, customer lounge and a child play area are also a part of the preliminary plans in a small building that sits directly across from the new sales, services and parts departments.

Rogers explained that currently the project application is incomplete, although he did not specifically comment on what aspects of the project Toyota 101 needed to adjust before proceeding. Rogers did say that City staff will also need to review the application for its compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act before proceeding. The approvals process can take anywhere from three to 12 months once a complete application is submitted.

Rogers was unable to comment on the cost of the project, and referred The Registry to the project applicant, Toyota 101. Toyota 101 did not return The Registry’s request for comment.

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