Video Marketing Company Show My Property TV Takes the Lead in Providing Groundbreaking VR Technology to the Real Estate Industry

Start-Up Specializes in Hotels, Multi-family Apartments and Luxury Homes

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 18, 2017 – Video marketing company Show My PropertyTV, which has produced thousands of successful videos for hotels, multi-family apartments and luxury homes, and is transforming how properties are shown and marketed in the real estate industry, announced today that it has entered into a contract with Sequoia Equities, Inc., a real estate owner and investment manager, to produce and distribute 45 videos.

Show My Property (SMP), the boutique company run by two British sisters, has become the U.S. industry leader in creative video marketing for luxurious multi-family buildings, single family residences, vacation homes, hotels and student housing. It also operates in Canada and England.

The 45-video contract will enable SMP to develop exclusive, portfolio-wide, marketing footage for Sequoia that will push boundaries via its unique, POV filming utilizing drones, Virtual Reality technology and experienced lifestyle video actors. Subject matter will also be groundbreaking in that it will feature cutting-edge topics such as same-sex families in their homes and other non-traditional “family” groups.

“As a customer-centric organization, we tend to partner with vendors who are also customer-focused. Show My Property welcomes our innovative ideas with open arms,” said Danny Mizufuka, Brand Manager at Sequoia Equities, Inc. “We’re now able to tell a story about our property in a two-minute production. We’re making a statement by casting same-sex couples, actors of all ethnic backgrounds, actors with eclectic style, and other characteristics of who people are today. We believe equality should go beyond Fair Housing, and our advertising must be diverse and inclusive. These production experts enabled us to bring this vision to life.”

With a team in every major city in the U.S., Show My Property utilizes dynamic and exciting video, often featuring VR technology, to showcase impressive buildings in lucrative downtown areas and surrounding luxury vacation oases.

“It makes sense for real estate agents to look to us to show their properties,” said Anna Singleton, CEO and founder of Show My Property TV. “We know how to entice customers to buy, by using innovative VR technology, as opposed to stodgy, old-fashioned brochures and boring photos.”

Show My Property also produces student-housing videos across the country. These apartment video tours have proven to be the most effective way of generating new leads. The company’s most popular style of video, aside from the student-housing lifestyle video, is the apartment tour with a professional TV host. SMP has particular expertise because Singleton is a former British television personality. The addition of VR in this space has been incredible. Now a student from Texas, for example, can don a pair of goggles and tour a student housing property in Mexico. And the buzz you can create at a student housing fair with VR goggles is unparalleled.

Other innovation in the company now enables it to also offer groundbreaking photography and social media campaigns featuring small bites of video to get renters interested.

Clients have included Essex, Avalon Bay Communities, Roseland, Asset Campus Housing, Bank of America and others.

Show My Property produces property tours across the United States, Canada and England. For more information, contact its offices at (310) 776-9982 or visit online at

About Sequoia Equities, Inc.
Sequoia is a real estate owner and investment manager. The company’s multifamily portfolio is approaching $4 billion and consists of market rate rental properties with a mix of garden-style and high-rise buildings. Sequoia specializes in a multitude of services, spanning acquisition to disposition, with core capabilities in asset management, renovation, repositioning, and property management.

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