Zenplace, the Online Property Rental and Management Platform Now Uses Robots to Show Properties to Tenants

Robot-led property showings enable tenants to rent much more quickly and easily

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Zenplace, the service that enables landlords and property owners to quickly rent and manage their rental property online, now shows properties to tenants through a robot with smart guided property showings. Watch the robot take you on a tour at a rental property here.

Zenplace is an award-winning artificial intelligence and machine learning company reinventing Property Management for the 50M rental properties and 100M renters across the United States (recent articles). Zenplace was recently named “Top 10” most viewed U.S. companies, “Most Innovative Companies” and “Top Disruptors in Real Estate.” Zenplace is backed by institutions and investors with terrific track records with previous investments in Google, Facebook and PayPal.

“We set out to change the property management and rental experience by providing property owners and tenants a faster and easier way to rent and lease” said Rahul Mewawalla, CEO of Zenplace and former head of U.S.’s technology program in Silicon Valley with the White House. “This new way to rent makes for a better rental experience– tenants love the smart guided tours by a robot and owners love how their property can now be rented in days instead of weeks or months.”

According to Zillow, the average rental home in Silicon Valley sits on the market for 54 days and a significant number of lease transactions fall through before the lease signing. In other markets, the lease time is even longer with lengthy vacancy times for rental properties.

“We’re making renting a home frictionless and redefining how landlords can increase returns from their rental property, with a property management fee as low as 5%. With robots, we have significantly reduced the time it takes to rent a property. Property owners are also provided with an industry-first 100% happiness guarantee” explains Mewawalla.

Rental property owners simply enter their address online, submit some basic information, and Zenplace can start renting out and managing their property within minutes. Zenplace moves nearly the entire rental transaction online and allows the landlord to rent out their home within days instead of waiting weeks or months, and going through the cumbersome traditional rental process.

“Mary Tian, one of our recent customers, had been trying to rent their property in Pleasanton, California for over a month. They decided to use Zenplace, we handled the rest, and we rented out their property to great tenants within 3 days,” says William Finn who leads the Zenplace Owner Team. “These are the types of opportunities we want to continue to create as more rental property owners use our service.”

About Zenplace:
Zenplace makes it possible to rent out and have a rental property managed in minutes, removing all of the headache, uncertainty and risk from the leasing process. Zenplace uses a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics combined with real estate professionals and is headquartered in Silicon Valley, Calif. For more information, please visit www.zenplace.com

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