Zephyr Real Estate Launches All-New Mastermind Groups

San Francisco, CA (June 27, 2019) – Randall Kostick, President and Chief Executive Officer of Zephyr Real Estate, has launched the all-new Mastermind offering. The program is comprised of Zephyr’s top producers, and is designed as a vehicle to share their expertise and thus expand their collective successes.

Masterminds will meet quarterly for an hour in groups of six to eight individuals, representing each of Zephyr’s offices to bring diversity into the mix. Each group will be at comparable production levels so that everyone is facing similar challenges.

Kostick initially reached out to all top producers over the past two years to test the waters about Mastermind. He was delighted with the response and enthusiasm. Over one-half of those agents have already committed to the program.

Kostick will organize and moderate the discussions, focusing on both business and personal time management. The goal is to share methods for providing great service to clients while maintaining a healthy balance of professional and personal time. “We will talk about small changes that result in big time or money savings,” commented Kostick.

The goal is to find time and opportunity to share their combined wealth of information without creating yet another impact on busy schedules. Quarterly meetings of an hour’s duration in rotating locations will keep the scheduling impact to a minimum while maximizing the benefit from the connections and fostering relationships in the workplace.

Continuing education has long been at the heart of Zephyr’s culture. Agents and staff have always been encouraged to embrace opportunities to enhance their skills for the benefit not only to the firm, but for the individual’s enrichment as well.

“Zephyr is committed to agent success,” Kostick remarked. “We understand that real success requires finding balance in today’s high tech, full-speed lifestyle.”

About Zephyr Real Estate

Founded in 1978, Zephyr Real Estate is San Francisco’s No. 1 independent real estate firm with over $2.4 billion in gross sales and a current roster of more than 350 full-time agents. Zephyr’s highly-visited website has earned two web design awards, including the prestigious Interactive Media Award. Zephyr Real Estate is a member of the international relocation network, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World; global luxury affiliate, Mayfair International; the local luxury marketing association, the Luxury Marketing Council of San Francisco; and the regional luxury real estate affiliation, the Artisan Group. Zephyr has nine locations across San Francisco, Marin, Alameda and San Mateo Counties and two brokerage affiliates in Sonoma County, all strategically positioned to serve a large customer base throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information, visit www.ZephyrRE.com.

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