Over 19,000 Sign Care2 Petition to Stop Bay Area Bridge Toll Hikes

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*** http://www.care2.com/go/z/TollHikes ***

A San Francisco resident has started a Care2 petition saying the Bay Area is already too expensive and toll hikes would make the area “completely unaffordable”

SAN FRANCISCO — A San Francisco resident has started a Care2 petition opposing the proposed toll hikes to Bay Area Bridge tolls. The petition has gathered over 19,000 signatures.

VIEW THE CARE2 PETITION HERE: http://www.care2.com/go/z/TollHikes

Earlier this month, the Bay Area Toll Authority Oversight Committee unanimously voted in favor of the measure, which would raise Bay Area bridge tolls to $9 on the Bay Bridge and $8 on others over several years. If the measure gets approval from the full Bay Area Toll Authority, it could go before before voters in June. An Authority vote is expected on Jan. 24.

The Care2 petition asks the Authority to reject the measure.

“As housing costs skyrocket across the Bay Area, many people are being forced to move to more affordable areas and accept longer commutes to work,” writes Care2 petition author Rebecca Gerber, who has lived in San Francisco for a decade. “Unfortunately, since the Bay Area’s main public transportation system, BART, is overly costly and doesn’t reach all major cities in the Bay Area, many people are forced to drive to work often using one of the area’s many bridges. But these toll hikes, on top of gas, would make driving unaffordable, too.”

The hikes would constitute $1 in 2019, 2022 and 2025, if voters in the nine Bay Area counties approve it. The money would go toward 36 public transit and road repairs.

“The cost of living in the Bay Area is already obscene,” Gerber says. “We cannot allow it to become completely unaffordable for anyone but the wealthy to live and work.”

Gerber said a better solution would be to keep costs low for Bay Area residents and to ask tourists to pay more to cross the bridges.

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