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Catalyst Housing, CalCHA, Devise New Model to Produce Middle-Income Housing Stock

By Meghan Hall The rise of COVID-19 has brought about talk regarding the importance of essential workers, those that are considered the backbone of...
NMHC, NAA, Hoyt Advisory Services, San Francisco, Seattle

Report: More Than Four Million New Apartments Needed to Meet U.S. Demand

By Meghan Hall There is a lot of speculation as to what the next few months and years—let alone a decade—will bring for the...
S2A Modular, MegaFactory, Tesla

Business is Booming: S2A Modular on Course to Build 35 “MegaFactories” by 2023

By Meghan Hall When S2A Modular was first established, the firm’s co-founders John Rowland and Brian Kuzdas originally had envisioned something that they could...
John Burns Real Estate Consulting, Surban, Seattle, San Francisco

The Post-COVID-19 Home Buyer: Purchases Driven by Need for “Surban” Environments

By Meghan Hall Homeowners and prospective home buyers have been carefully watching the market in recent months, evaluating whether or not now—or later—would be...
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Apartment List, Veritas and Ronald McDonald House Team Up to Provide Critical Housing to...

By Meghan Hall Finding an affordable apartment in San Francisco is hard work. Finding an apartment in San Francisco under financial and medical duress...
Starcity, San Francisco, Starcity Tenderloin

As Rental Prices in San Francisco Remain Sky-High, Starcity Works to Mainstream Coliving Options

By Meghan Hall As most in the Bay Area are acutely aware, living in San Francisco is not cheap. To make matters more complicated,...
HGA, San Francisco, Seattle, COVID-19

What was an Afterthought, Now Becomes Paramount: COVID-19 Is Changing How AEC Firms Form...

By Meghan Hall The current global health situation has brought up many questions for those throughout the commercial real estate industry. Among them, many...
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Study Finds Paradigm Shifts Are Lowering Workplace Productivity

By Meghan Hall As companies grow, they are often evaluating what types of real estate, and how that real estate is used, in an...
CBRE, San Francisco, Seattle

Report: Industry is Entering the Age of “Responsive Real Estate”

By Meghan Hall The commercial real estate industry has a reputation for the sloth-like nature in which it changes. Over the next ten years,...
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Dublin’s Main Street

By Meghan Hall Dublin takes the first step to create a new downtown The City of Dublin, California is...