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Clash of Interests: Rio Vista Residents Stand Against Silicon Valley Developers

In the picturesque settings of Solano County, a storm is brewing over the proposed development of a new city, a brainchild of a group of Silicon Valley billionaires. The...
Waterton, Waterton Residential Property Venture XIV, Orange County Employees’ Retirement System, San Francisco, Bay Area, Hercules, Vallejo, Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund

The Bay Area’s Multifamily Market Faces Opportunities and Challenges in the Year Ahead

The San Francisco Bay Area has long been known for its dynamic tech industry, stunning vistas, and vibrant culture. But in recent years, it's also become synonymous with soaring...
San Jose, Intero, CoStar, San Francisco, multifamily report

San Jose Multifamily Market is Seeing Softening Demand Amid Economic Uncertainties

In the heart of Silicon Valley, the San Jose multifamily market is facing a period of recalibration as it navigates through the ripple effects of economic uncertainties and changing...

TruAmerica’s Bob Hart & PCCP’s Bill Lindsay On Today’s State of the Market

Bill Lindsay of PCCP joins Building Better Communities with Bob Hart for our inaugural episode to talk about the commercial real estate market, historical comparisons, giving back, and some..., mortgage rates Forecasts Drop in Mortgage Rates by Mid 2024 Amid Economic Cooling

In a significant shift for the U.S. housing market, predicts a decline in 30-year mortgage rates below 7 percent by April 2024, as outlined in their latest housing...
Redfin, Mortgage Bankers Association, housing recovery

Housing Market Thaws: Signs of Recovery Amidst the Frost

In the ever-evolving landscape of the United States housing market, there are hopeful signs that the deep freeze that has gripped residential real estate might be finally thawing. Recent...
National Association of Realtors, Brookings Institution, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego

The Evolving American Homebuyer: Older, Wealthier, and Facing Higher Prices

In a significant shift reflective of broader economic trends, the landscape of American homeownership is undergoing profound changes. The National Association of Realtors recently released data indicating a marked...
California Public Utilities Commission

Solar Power Showdown: The Rooftop Solar Incentive Debate in California

In a state renowned for its commitment to renewable energy and climate action, California's recent decision to reduce financial incentives for rooftop solar power has stirred up controversy. Governor...
Walnut Creek, Housing Element, Regional Housing Needs Assessment, RHNA, Bay Area

Walnut Creek’s Latest Housing Element Report Reveals a Twofold Increase in RHNA Allocation

In the heart of California, the City of Walnut Creek faces a familiar challenge – a burgeoning housing crisis marked by soaring demands and insufficient supply. The city's latest...

California Forever CEO Gives 1st-Ever Tour of Land Purchased in Solano County

In a significant development for the future of Solano County, California Forever, a group comprising Silicon Valley billionaires, recently provided a glimpse into their vision for the thousands of...

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