Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Micro-hood, Kuth Ranieri Architects, San Francisco, PG&E

Introducing the Micro-hood: Retrofitting San Francisco’s Building Stock in a Post-Pandemic World

By Meghan Hall The current pandemic has produced a lot of questions around the design and infrastructure of dense, urban cities and the future...
John Burns Real Estate Consulting, Redfin, Seattle, San Francisco

National Housing Prices Continue to Appreciate, with First-Time Buyers Leading the Charge

By Meghan Hall In what has been deemed an unlikely bright spot in today’s economy, the national housing market continues to see tremendous growth....
Hatchback Cottages, Seattle, Accessory Dwelling Unit

“House Your Future:” Seattle-Based Hatchback Cottages Looks to Disrupt Housing Industry with Innovative DADU...

By Meghan Hall Shannon Loew Multifamily development has typically been viewed as the most efficient way to combat Seattle’s housing...
David Baker Architects, HUD, San Francisco, Five88, La Valentina Station

Beautiful but Affordable: David Baker Architects on Creating Dignified Affordable Housing

By Meghan Hall When David Baker Architects first got its start as a firm, attitudes towards multifamily development—especially affordable housing projects—were markedly different than...
San Francisco, MVE+Partners, Gateway Crossing, Passage at San Mateo

Introducing “Smart Growth”: One Firm’s Perspective on Making Development Smarter, Not Harder

By Meghan Hall The Bay Area’s development landscape has changed rapidly since major tech firms have made the region a global business hub. Municipalities,...
Cityview, San Francisco, Seattle

Multifamily Developer Cityview Waits in the Wings for Post COVID-19 Opportunities

By Meghan Hall Market corrections are events which test the patience of investors, and the economic impacts of the current pandemic are no different....
Seattle, San Francisco, Catalyst, CalCHA, Ben Metcalf

Catalyst Housing, CalCHA, Devise New Model to Produce Middle-Income Housing Stock

By Meghan Hall The rise of COVID-19 has brought about talk regarding the importance of essential workers, those that are considered the backbone of...
NMHC, NAA, Hoyt Advisory Services, San Francisco, Seattle

Report: More Than Four Million New Apartments Needed to Meet U.S. Demand

By Meghan Hall There is a lot of speculation as to what the next few months and years—let alone a decade—will bring for the...
S2A Modular, MegaFactory, Tesla

Business is Booming: S2A Modular on Course to Build 35 “MegaFactories” by 2023

By Meghan Hall When S2A Modular was first established, the firm’s co-founders John Rowland and Brian Kuzdas originally had envisioned something that they could...
John Burns Real Estate Consulting, Surban, Seattle, San Francisco

The Post-COVID-19 Home Buyer: Purchases Driven by Need for “Surban” Environments

By Meghan Hall Homeowners and prospective home buyers have been carefully watching the market in recent months, evaluating whether or not now—or later—would be...