City of Redwood City Council Reorganization

New Mayor and Vice Mayor Selected

Redwood City, Calif.–The City of Redwood City announced today the reorganization of its City Council.

The results, following the December 14, 2015 City Council meeting, include city council member John Seybert as incoming mayor (mayoral term ends 2017, term as city council member ends 2017), City Council member Ian Bain as incoming vice mayor (vice mayoral term ends 2017, new term as council member ends 2019), and the addition of two new City Council members, Shelly Masur and Janet Borgens (terms end 2019). Outgoing mayor Jeff Gee will continue as a council member until 2017; existing city council member Alicia Aguirre continues her new term until 2019; and city council member Diane Howard continues her existing term until 2017.

A list of the reorganization with terms of office for each city council member includes:



Mayor John Seybert

November 2017 (mayoral term ends 2017)

Vice Mayor Ian Bain

November 2019 (vice mayor term ends 2017)

Council Member Aguirre

November 2019

Council Member Borgens

November 2019

Council Member Gee

November 2017

Council Member Howard

November 2017

Council Member Masur

November 2019

For contact information for the mayor, vice mayor and city council members and additional details about the important role they have providing leadership to the City of Redwood City, visit their webpage here:

About the City of Redwood City
The City of Redwood City is a San Francisco Bay Area community located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the technology-rich region extending from the San Francisco shoreline to the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Redwood City is the third largest city within the County of San Mateo, with over 84,000 residents. The city enjoys an average of 255 sunny days a year, which it boasts via the city slogan: “Climate Best by Government Test”. Incorporated in 1867, Redwood City is home to the San Mateo County History Museum (located in the county’s old courthouse) and the only active deep water port within the south bay of San Francisco. The city’s vibrant downtown, quickly becoming known as the entertainment hub of the San Francisco Peninsula, offers residents, visitors, and businesses a unique retail, entertainment, and restaurant experience. For more information, visit the City of Redwood City’s website at, or follow @RedwoodCity on Twitter and

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