Devorah Merling Joins BCA Architects as First Ever 21st Century Educator in Residence

San Jose, CA – BCA Architects, a West Coast architectural firm, announced that Devorah Merling was hired as their 21st Century Educator in Residence. Devorah brings her unique perspective as a parent, a teacher and a community member to the education design projects that BCA is currently working on.

Devorah+Merling+HeadshotDevorah was particularly drawn to Paul Bunton and the team at BCA architects because of their work on creating classrooms for 21st century learning environments. She met Paul Bunton at an American Institute of Architects (AIA) “lunch and learn” where she was presenting a lecture on what architects should consider when they are designing classrooms of the future. Her passion for innovative design and forward-thinking education makes her the perfect addition to BCA’s team.

“With the introduction of the Common Core in California, the learning process has become more individualized for each student,” said Devorah. “As an educator and technology training specialist, it is my job at BCA to work with the teachers, the students, and the parents throughout the design process. I am the bridge between the architects’ view and the communities’ view, making sure all voices are heard and all goals are achieved.”

At BCA, Devorah works on a variety of projects.  Currently, she has been working on a four-part series about classroom adaption in preparation for the transition to the Common Core. Devorah worked with BCA to create the 21st Century Classroom Demonstration space in BCA’s  headquarters. Her upcoming session on December 12th will demonstrate to California educators how to prepare the physical aspects of their learning environments for the transition to Common Core. In addition to this program, Devorah also assists Edwin Diaz, BCA’s Superintendent in Residence, with his partnership with Pivot Learning Partners Executive Leadership Center (ELC) program. She works with Paul and the team to design the master plans and speaks with teachers and parents about the importance of technology in the classroom.

Devorah started her career in education teaching for SFUSD. Devorah has a CA multi-subject teaching credential.  Devorah also worked as an Education & Training Specialist at CompView and as an education consultant at Pearson. Devorah graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a BA in Anthropology. She has a MA in Instructional Technology from San Francisco State University (SFSU). While at SFSU, Devorah authored a white paper on eLearning for K-12 students.

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