DSB+ Welcomes Its New Owners—The Employees

LIVERMORE, Calif.–DSB+, a full-service flooring finishes contractor and flooring maintenance company, is proud to announce today that it is transforming the company into an employee-owned enterprise.

Between the three owners, Si Baxley, Cory Preston, and Mike Patton, the company represents over 100 years of experience in all aspects of the commercial flooring business.

And now, after years of incredible work by the entire staff at DSB+, the management team is creating an Employee Stock Ownership Program, or ESOP. Once each employee reaches their tenure with the company, they will receive stock options, making them each part owners of the company.

Messrs. Patton, Baxley, and Preston have seen tremendous growth of the company since the rebranding of the company in 2013, and they identified that one of the primary determinants of that growth has been the on-going effort and quality of their employees. While the executive team has been instrumental in guiding that growth, it is the employees who deliver and ensure client delight, on a day-by-day basis.

The executive team saw that they needed to honor the diligence and persistence shown by their teams, and that the best way to do that was to have the wealth of each employee increase with their contribution to the company. The best way to do this was to make each employee an owner in the company, via an ESOP program. Now, each vested employee’s net worth will continually reflect the added value they are bringing the company and its customers.

“Quite simply, our employees are the main reason DSB+ is experiencing such fantastic growth. They are our key strength when it comes to delivering a tremendous customer experience,” says Mike Patton, CEO, DSB+. “By providing them ownership we both create a culture of success and enable the employees to participate in the success they are creating.”

Please join the executive team in welcoming all of our new owners!

DSB+ is the only Commercial Floor Finishes Contractor Network in the Bay Area. DSB+ was launched January 1, 2013 from the merger of two top-tier flooring contractors in the Bay Area: D.S Baxley and Preston Borg. DSB+ provides General Contractors, Interior Designers, Property Managers, and Architects with deep experience in every aspect of flooring, from planning to end-of-life services. A high-service, high-integrity company, DSB+ enables commercial customers to be worry-free when it comes to their floors. We recommend, sell, install, and maintain almost every type of commercial floor finish. The Bay Area now has a single vendor from which to get every type of floor and flooring service they are likely to need. Using DSB+ speeds projects, reduces costs, and increases the payoff of every flooring investment made in commercial environments.

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