Equity Office Properties Receives LEED Platinum Certification for 100 Montgomery in San Francisco

San Francisco, CA — Equity Office Properties announced it has received LEED certification at 100 Montgomery at the Platinum level for Operations + Maintenance.

Built in 1955, 100 Montgomery is a 475,000 square foot office high rise with on site property management and engineering services.  Owner and manager Equity Office has adopted several sustainable operating programs and procedures for the building since acquiring the property in 2012. These sustainable operating procedures include actions in all the LEED credit categories; Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation in Operations.

The building is operated to conserve water, energy, materials, and improve indoor air quality for its occupants.  Highlights of green measures taken include:

–       100% green cleaning program

–       Integrated pest management practices

–       An improved recycling program

–       Water conservation through fixture retrofits and enhanced tracking

Tom Donoghue, Senior Vice President, said:  “We are delighted that 100 Montgomery, a building now more than 50 years old, is among the most energy efficient and sustainable buildings in the country and one of the very few Platinum LEED multi-tenant commercial office buildings in San Francisco.”

In addition to Platinum LEED status, the highest available to commercial office buildings, 100 Montgomery was benchmarked in Energy Star and annually re-certifies as an Energy Star qualified building. Currently, the building has an ENERGY STAR score of 89.

About Equity Office
Equity Office is one of the largest owners of commercial office space in the country and controls over 70 million square feet of Class A office space inNorthern California, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Columbus, Miami, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Boca Raton, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Minneapolis and Detroit. In Northern California, Equity Office owns and manages 14 million square feet of Class A office space spread throughout Silicon Valley, the Peninsula, and North Bay.  The company also operates San Francisco’s iconic Ferry Building, which includes 175,000 square feet of Class A office above 65,000 square feet of artisanal retail space.  The Equity Office team features highly experienced real estate asset managers, investors, developers and property specialists focused on accelerating the market value, operational efficiencies and sustainability of its investment portfolio and enhancing the tenant experience.

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